Baking Emulsions - Flavorings For No Baking Sweets & Desserts

OliveNation is a baker's dream. Not only do we carry a wide selection of extracts, we also carry Baking Emulsions. Some bakers prefer Baking Emulsions to other kinds of flavorings (flavourings), because they flavor baked goods better than extracts. How? Well, emulsions for baking use water as a suspension method. Extracts, on the other hand, use alcohol as the suspension method. Alcohol evaporates faster than water. Therefore, Baking Emulsions produce stronger-flavored baked goods. They are also good for people looking for kitchen flavorings without alcohol. Because they do not contain alcohol, our Baking Emulsions are especially good for frostings and icings and other no-bake treats. Baking Emulsions are thicker than traditional extracts, so they mix into batters more evenly.

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