Wholesale Culinary Flavor Extracts, Emulsions, Oils & Powders for Cooking, Baking & Beverages

Looking for premium quality culinary extracts and flavorings for sale at affordable prices? OliveNation offers a wide selection of baking, beverage, and food flavoring options. Our professional quality extracts and flavorings are available in a range of forms to create perfect taste profiles in bakery, brewing, food manufacturing, and home cooking applications. From bakery emulsions to oil-based candy flavoring to alcohol-free and all-natural organic extracts, OliveNation brand flavorings offer true-to-ingredient taste. In addition, we are constantly sourcing new products to keep up with changing food and beverage trends. Our growing selection of flavors from natural ingredients is ideal for clean label packaging and manufacturing as well as for healthy home cooking and brewing. By providing extracts and flavorings that include classic taste profiles as well as up-to-date flavor trends, OliveNation brand is a one-stop culinary ingredient shop for bakers, chefs, home cooks, brewers, and processed food manufacturers alike.

What kinds of extracts and flavorings does OliveNation offer?

  • Extracts: Our flavor extracts include both alcohol-based and PG-based extracts that are best for baked or cooked recipes, as high heat will evaporate the alcohol. The majority of our water-soluble extract flavors are all-natural, and our selection includes a growing number of Organic-Certified flavors.
  • Emulsions: Bakery emulsions are water-based and are ideal for high temperature applications since the flavor will not "bake off."
  • Flavor Fountains: Our Fountain Flavors are formulated specifically for low-temperature applications like ice cream, frozen treats, and beverages. Flavor fountains add taste, aroma, and color for a delicious and attractive result.
  • Flavoring Oils: Food grade oils are ideal for flavoring candy and making chocolates. We offer a wide selection of fruit, floral, and aromatic oils in addition to classics such as Cinnamon and Lemon oils.
  • Super Flavors: Our Super Flavors are concentrated extracts that are 2 to 3 times stronger than "regular" extracts, making them ideal for flavoring candy, chocolates, ice cream, and frosting.
  • Flavor Powders: Our versatile powdered flavors are perfect for adding taste and aroma without adding liquid content! In addition to baking and decorating use, flavor powders are perfect for commercial mixes, as they offer superior taste and a long shelf life.

Sweet and Savory

OliveNation flavors are made for more than simply creating delicious bakery goods and desserts. Home cooks and professional chefs use fruit, floral, aromatic, and savory extracts in sauces, dips, marinades, and to directly flavor side dishes and entrees. Our selection ranges from popular flavorings such as vanilla, almond, and lemon to hard-to-find specialty extract flavors like black cumin, basil, and bacon. We have flavorings for every taste: sweet, sour, umami, and even savory flavors. Home and craft brewers love our TTB-approved flavoring extracts as the formulas that are pre-approved for commercial labeling.

OliveNation's selection of premium ingredients is prized by home bakers, professional chefs, craft brewers, and bakeries. Choose OliveNation for wholesale culinary extracts and flavors. We have a huge selection, all available in a range of sizes including bulk. From apple extract to watermelon extract, we stock a huge selection of flavors, including a wide choice of vanilla extracts and flavorings, a must-have ingredient for bakers and chefs. OliveNation offers a variety of vanilla extract flavorings at different strengths of vanilla extract including 2, 3, and 4-fold. Our clear imitation vanilla extract is ideal for creating for white cakes and icings.

OliveNation Extracts and Flavors

FAQ About OliveNation Extracts & Flavorings

What types of extracts and flavorings does OliveNation sell?

OliveNation has a wide range of premium culinary extracts and flavorings for baking and cooking for sale. Our selection includes specialty flavors, TTB approved extracts, alcohol-free flavorings, organic extracts, emulsions, flavoring oils, flavor fountains, all in a full range of flavors including fruits, aromatics, savory, and floral extracts. Our culinary extracts are perfect for professionals and home cooks and are available for sale in a variety of sizes including bulk for commercial applications.

What do extracts and flavorings do in baking and cooking?

Extracts and flavorings can be used to add or boost flavor in baked goods, cooked dishes, and beverages. They can be used in place of or in addition to fruits, aromatics, seeds, and other ingredients as desired for texture and taste. Different flavoring forms include alcohol-based extracts for baking, flavored oils for candy and chocolates, water-soluble emulsions and flavors for beverages, ice cream, and frostings, and powdered fruits and herbs for mixes.