Vanilla Extracts

Vanilla Extracts


Vanilla Extract for Baking and Cooking - Single Strength, Folds, and Emulsions

What is Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla Extract is just one of many pure extracts you can use to enhance your recipes. Extracts are concentrated flavoring agents that have been distilled from beans, nut oils, fruits, and spices that have been dissolved in an alcohol base. Our pure extracts can be used to add flavor to candy, beverages, specialty dishes, baked goods, and desserts. Vanilla extract is known for being one of the few ingredients where labeling is carefully controlled by the FDA. In order to be called "pure vanilla extract" this product must be produced using at least 13.35 ounces of vanilla bean per gallon of liquid, and must contain at least 35% alcohol.

What Does Vanilla Extract Taste Like? How can I use it?

The flavor of vanilla is beautiful on its own, and it blends very well with other extracts including citrus and mint. Vanilla extract tastes great in bread, cookies, cheesecakes, muffins, cakes and other sweet desserts. Just add about teaspoon to your favorite recipe and see what your tastebuds think. Cooks who prefer natural vanilla taste without alcohol can use vanilla emulsions or powders to replace vanilla extracts in almost any recipe.

Everything related to Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract has become a firm favorite in kitchens throughout the world, providing a quick and convenient way to get a hint of subtle vanilla taste, without the preparation that is involved with using pure vanilla beans. When you add this convenience to the fact that the vanilla extract sold at Olive Nation is some of the best around thanks to the fact it's made using only the finest Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans then you can see why so many satisfied customers just keep coming back to us again and again for this delightful product.

Cooking with Vanilla Extract

OliveNation offers multiple varieties of vanilla extract to meet different bakery, cooking, and brewing needs. Premium vanilla extract is a step above the rest, providing nothing but the most sumptuous aroma, the purest amber coloration and, most importantly, a flavor that tastes of absolutely nothing other than pure vanilla beans. You might wonder how we make this vanilla extract so good, so let us tell you; it's all in the alcohol content. The more alcohol, the better the vanilla extract will be, so we offer alcohol content of 40% on some extracts! For regular cooking and flavoring, concentrated vanilla is much stronger than the regular strength vanilla extract and is perfect for creating culinary delights with more than just a hint of vanilla. In fact, double strength vanilla extract is the preferred choice for those making ice cream and other traditional vanilla foodstuffs. Higher number of folds means that a little really does go a long way! Our extra strength vanilla extracts comes in a range of different strengths so you will be able to find the variety that suits you.

Pure Vanilla Extract: Always the Best Choice

Is there a difference between natural and artificial vanilla extracts? Definitely! Natural vanilla extract is by far the best choice. Hard to believe but pure vanilla has around 250 aroma and flavor compounds. While artificial vanilla extract usually has a host of chemicals, sweeteners and only one compound - vanillin. So what is it that is so special about pure vanilla? Simply put, pure vanilla enhances our ability to taste other foods such as chocolate, coffee and a host of other foods. So don't skimp, buy the real deal. After all most recipes only call for a teaspoon or two in a recipe so a little goes a long way.

How to Store Vanilla Extract

To ensure that your extracts provide sensational flavor each and every time you use them, these simple steps will help prevent evaporation:

  • Close the bottle tightly after each use.
  • Store your extracts in a cool, dark place.

General FAQs About Vanilla Extract

What type of vanilla extracts do you have?

OliveNation carries a wide range of pure vanilla extracts, natural vanilla extracts, vanilla flavorings, and artificial vanilla extracts to meet the needs of home and professional bakers.

Why is Vanilla Extract So Expensive?

Growing and harvesting premium vanilla are complicated labor-intensive processes. Top quality pure and natural vanilla extracts are made using premium, grade A beans and a cold extraction process, which produces the best flavor. Lesser-quality beans generally use heat extraction, which is faster and less expensive but results in not-so-great vanilla extracts. Cold-extracted vanilla is more expensive because it contains properly harvested and cured beans for maximum flavor.

Do You Sell Vanilla Extracts in Bulk?

OliveNation vanilla extracts are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of both home and commercial customers. Vanilla extracts are available by the ounce or in bulk by the gallon as needed to satisfy customer demand. We cater to wholesale purchases and bulk orders for commercial bakery, institutional, and industrial applications.

What is the Difference between Pure Vanilla Extract and Artificial Vanilla Extracts?

Pure vanilla extracts are made from vanilla beans, alcohol, and water. Pure vanilla extract's flavor comes from the natural vanillin contained in the beans. Vanilla flavoring and imitation vanilla extracts are made using vanillin compounds that are either naturally derived from plants other than vanilla or artificially derived (synthesized in laboratory environments).