Waters & Syrups

Waters & Syrups


Flavored Waters and Syrups for Baking

Looking for new ways to add flavor to baking and cooking recipes? Flavored waters, such as orange blossom and rose flower waters have long been popular with bakers and chefs for adding light, floral top notes to both sweet and savory dishes. These versatile ingredients come in several types: hydrosols, which are waters flavored with the distilled essence of essential oils, and floral waters, which are waters flavored with essential oils. Floral waters are common Middle Eastern cuisine to flavor pastries, desserts, and savory dishes.

What are the Most Popular Floral Waters for Baking?
  • Rose Flower Water adds a light, floral note to sweet or savory dishes. It is a classic ingredient for ethnic desserts such as Persian Love Cake, and adds lovely, light taste in frozen treats such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and granitas.
  • Orange Blossom Water is a concentrated flavored water made from distilled orange blossoms. Middle Eastern, Indian, and Turkish cuisines feature Orange Blossom Water. It pairs well with citrus, almond, lemon, and cream flavors. Try the infused water in scones, baklava, galette cookies, pistachio cakes, and other baked goods. Orange Blossom water is also fantastic in creamy desserts, rice pudding, sweet sauces, and ice cream. You can also mix it into fruity tart fillings or drizzle it on fruit salad. Use Orange Water in cocktails, too.

Our concentrated flavored waters are made from high-quality ingredients. They are perfect additions in creamy desserts, sweet sauces, puddings, and ice creams. You can also mix then into tart fillings, cocktails, or drizzle them on fruit salads to add an extra punch.

Flavored syrups are ideal for drizzling on desserts, mixing into beverages, topping ice cream, and more. Flavored syrups are a great alternative to baking extracts for adding flavors to coffee drinks, smoothies, protein shakes, Italian ices, and milkshakes. Since syrups are alcohol-free, they're great for frostings, too. Also try flavored syrups as a topping for ice cream and desserts. We offer sugar-free flavored syrups for those watching their sugar intake.

What are flavored waters and syrups used for in baking?

Flavored waters and syrups are a great alternative (or addition to) extracts in baking. They are great for adding flavors to batters, beverages, frozen treats, frostings, icing, and fillings. Use them in candy making for classic recipes like Turkish Dellight, or create decadent fillings.