Flavor Emulsions - Flavorings For Baking Sweets & Desserts

When it comes to flavoring baked goods, there are a few options. You can choose baking oils, extracts, and flavor emulsions. Each type of flavoring has a purpose. OliveNation sells them all.

Baking Emulsions are one type of food flavoring. Some bakers prefer these water based emulsions for all their recipes.

There is a key difference between a bakery emulsion and an extract. Emulsions are suspended in water and extracts are suspended in alcohol. Emulsions can flavor baked goods better than extracts. Here's how: Flavor emulsions contain water. Extracts contain alcohol. Alcohol evaporates faster than water. So, baking emulsions produce stronger-flavored baked goods because more flavor is retained during cooking. Emulsions are also thicker than extracts, so water based emulsions mix into batters more evenly.

If you are shopping for alcohol-free extracts and flavorings, consider a baking emulsion. Since they're alcohol-free, our flavor emulsions are good for no-bake treats. Try them in frostings, icings, and more.

Professional bakers like emulsions because they produce a stronger flavor. Since we want our baked goods to taste as they came from a bakery, we love bakery emulsions. We use them in our cookies, cakes, and pies.

How to use bakery emulsions: You can substitute a water based emulsion for an extract in any recipe. Use 1 teaspoon emulsion for 1 teaspoon of extract.

You will find many flavor emulsions in our web store. We have a variety of flavors include hard-to-find ones. Shop blueberry, hazelnut, vanilla, princess cake emulsions, and lots more. An emulsion will add delicious flavor to cakes, cookies, frosting, and all kinds of sweet treats.

Shop bakery emulsions at OliveNation today. We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. You can subscribe to our email list to receive coupons for baking ingredients. Sometimes our sales feature emulsions and other flavorings.

General FAQs about Emulsions

What types of flavorings does OliveNation sell?

OliveNation carries a variety of flavorings, including baking oils, extracts, and flavor emulsions for baking and cooking. We have a wide range of affordable options to meet the varied needs of our clients.

What is the difference between an emulsion and an extract?

The fundamental difference is that emulsions are suspended in water and extracts are suspended in alcohol. To put it clearly, emulsions are a type of alcohol-free flavoring agent.

Are your baking emulsions stronger than extracts?

Baking emulsions tend to produce stronger-flavored baked goodies because alcohol evaporates faster than water. Our emulsions can retain more flavor during baking and cooking. Emulsions are also thicker than extracts and great for no-bake treats.

What types of emulsions does OliveNation have?

OliveNation carries a wide variety of emulsions made from the finest ingredients, including the likes of almond emulsion, coffee emulsion, butter vanilla emulsion, and more. We also have a Set of 6 Emulsions for our customers.

Do you take wholesale orders of emulsions?

OliveNation has a special Wholesale Program for those looking to place a bulk order of emulsions. We also offer free ground shipping over $50 on non-perishable and non-meltable products.