Buy Baking Chocolates for Confectionery, Patisserie, Molding, and Cooking

OliveNation's selection of top quality baking chocolates includes our superior house brand chocolate as well as offerings from some of the leading chocolate makers around the world. We provide the largest range of products possible to accommodate a full range of needs, from home bakers to master chocolatiers and everyone in between. Our baking chocolates for commercial use come in a variety of sizes, and include wholesale pricing for bulk quantities. Whether you are baking at home, in a bakery, in a food service environment, or at an institution, our top quality culinary chocolate selection can help take your final product to the next level. We make sure to stay up-to-date with current chocolate trends to ensure the newest ingredients are available and accessible. OliveNation wholesale bulk chocolates, cocoa powders, and chocolate flavorings are ideal for any bakery, patisserie, chocolatier, restaurant, or home pantry.

Most bakers can agree that buying bulk chocolate chips or chunks essential. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cake make up a large part of our baking, so we are sure to have chocolate stowed in our pantry at all times.

There are several kinds of baking chocolate because different recipes require different types. However, not all wholesale baking chocolate is of the same caliber. At OliveNation, we stock quality wholesale chocolate for baking. You can find almost all of the types you need, including:

Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Chunks: These bulk chocolates chips are great for cookies as they hold their shape. There's nothing like a brownie or cookie with a luscious chunk of chocolate inside.

Chocolate Sticks: Bake to-die-for chocolate croissants with Cacao Barry's Dark Chocolate Sticks.

Chocolate Blocks: Blocks of chocolate are perfect for people who use a lot of chocolate for baking. Bakeries and pastry chefs often use blocks of chocolate because they go through tons of it. If baking is your hobby, and you're always whipping up treats for friends and family, buying blocks of chocolate may save you a little money. Find Callebaut, Peter's Chocolate and Guittard Chocolate Blocks, as well as our own OliveNation brand.

Chocolate Baking Extracts: Chocolate Extract boosts the chocolate flavor in a recipe. One of our customers uses our Chocolate Extract to add chocolate flavor to pound cake without changing its color too much as cocoa powder would. Find Organic Chocolate Extract, White Chocolate Flavor, Chocolate Malt Flavor, and Chocolate Extract in OliveNation's online store.

Cocoa Powder: You can find Dutch-processed and natural cocoa powder in our store as well as high-fat cocoa powder for richer baking.

Colored Chocolate: We carry several colors of Clasen wafers. These tempered chocolates are fantastic for chocolate lollipops, party favors, cake pops, and more. Colored chocolate is fun for making themed treats.

Dark Chocolate: OliveNation is proud to carry premium brands of dark chocolate for baking such as Valrhona, Guittard, and Callebaut. Our own brand of dark chocolate is excellent, too. Choose from different percentages of cacao and various forms of dark chocolate such as blocks, chips, Valrhona Feves, and wafers.

Milk Chocolate: We offer premium brands of milk chocolate including Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips, Callebaut Milk Chocolate Blocks, OliveNation Milk Chocolate Chunks, and more.

White Chocolate: Premium white chocolate tastes amazing unlike the waxy white chocolate found in some grocery stores. Real white chocolate is made with the good stuff: cocoa butter. OliveNation has a range of white chocolate to choose from including Callebaut White Chocolate Blocks, Guittard White Chocolate Chips, OliveNation Single Origin White Chocolate Baking Wafers, and more.

Melting Chocolate: OliveNation stocks a range of melting chocolate. Chocolate wafers are so convenient because you don't have to chop chocolate. We have dipping chocolate that's perfect for dipping fruit such as strawberries. Also, find tempered chocolate wafers for candy making, as well as economical compound chocolates in a variety of color and flavor options.

Chocolate Toppings: Find chocolate sprinkles including the fantastic Callebaut Vermicelli and Callebaut Milk Chocolate Crispearls. OliveNation also sells Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauces. They're so good drizzled on ice cream and desserts.

When you need quality chocolate for baking at good prices, shop for it at OliveNation.

General FAQs About Baking Chocolates

Does OliveNation sell chocolates in bulk?

OliveNation offers high-quality baking chocolates. We take wholesale orders and have a special wholesale program for those looking to buy chocolates in bulk quantity.

What types of baking chocolates do you have?

OliveNation features a wide variety of dark, milk, and white chocolates for baking, including chocolate chips, chunks, blocks, and sticks. We also have cocoa powder, colored chocolates, toppings, and baking extracts at great prices.

What baking chocolate brands do you carry?

OliveNation carries the best chocolate brands such as Ghirardelli, Valrhona, Callebaut, Guittard, and Blommer, to name a few. We also have our own range of baking chocolates made of the finest ingredients.