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The Secret's Out Great barbecue chefs have used dry rubs for years to punch up the flavor of beef, poultry, lamb, pork, seafood, even tofu, vegetables and casserole dishes. Until fairly recently, only barbecue fanatics or celebrity chefs seemed to know the secret of how to create and use these aromatic and mysteriously wonderful concoctions of spices, seasonings and herbs. But Here's The Rub... We're here to tell you that rubs are for everyone'from novice cooks to grilling dads to serious foodies. Rubs add more than just a light crusty texture and exceptional flavor to your meats; they add a magnificent alchemy of Flavors with a capital F. Spicy flavors, ethnic flavors, sweet flavors, sour flavors, exotic flavors, salty flavors, citrus flavors. OliveNation's rubs bring you International flavors as well. The flavors found in a Tuscan ristorante, a Maui luau, the Moroccan desert or a Texan cattle ranch, to name just a few. All in perfectly blended combinations of spectacular seasonings that wake up your taste buds like nothing that's come their way before. No Culinary Degree Required Grilling with rubs is simple and sensuous.. You can just sprinkle the rub on meats before grilling, roasting or pan-frying. Simple. Or you can gently massage the rub into the meat. Sensuous. Some chefs grill immediately after sprinkling. But to experience the full range of flavors in your rub, you should apply it several hours or even days in advance and let the seasoning really penetrate the meat (a kind of dry marinade) before introducing it to the fire. And though one of the advantages of rubs is that they are dry (and save you the messiness of a marinade), some chefs use the rub as a base, adding wine, olive oil, etc. to create their own marinades. Even Those on Restricted Diets Can Enjoy Our Rubs Check our ingredient lists. All OliveNation rubs are salt-free, gluten-free, msg-free and preservative-free. Most are sugar-free. All bring a whole new world of flavors to your recipes.
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