Add More Flavor To Your Oven Roasted and Pan Fried Meats And Seafood With Rubs

Are you tired of bland oven roasted and fried meats and seafood? Well you can really change the flavor profiles by using rubs before roasting or frying. Here are some suggested hints and uses. For steaks and roasts, Western Frontiers Rub is perfect. For pork chops and pork roasts the Paradise Luau Pork Rub is perfect. Great for poultry is the Black Sea Escape Rub. Dusting your poultry about four hours before frying or roasting will really add a lot of flavor. Muse Appetit Rub is just perfect for your lamb chops or leg of lamb. You can also use it on your shish kebob. Poultry and seafood will be greatly enhanced with the Tuscan Nectar Rub. Or you can use the Spanish Feasts Rub for your fish and seafood. Rub a little onto some shrimp before sauting. For almost anything, including vegetables, the Ras El Hanout Rub is perfect. Middle Eastern Five Spice Rub works with almost anything-even feta cheese. Lebanese Zaatar Rub combined with a little olive oil is great on just about anything. So don't think of rubs as just for the grill, they work in the oven and frying pan as well.
Lebanese Zaatar

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Ras el Hanout

Starting at: $2.95

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