Truffle Sauces

Truffle Sauces

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Truffle Sauces, Tapenade & Oils

Truffle sauces are a great alternative to fresh truffles. They are so much less expensive than fresh truffles and are a great substitute in many dishes. Depending on the intended use and taste preference a truffle sauce can elevate a simple dish to new levels of enjoyment. Potatoes, eggs, grilled meats or pasta dishes perfectly complement the powerful taste of the truffle. Having a choice of several types of truffle sauces allows almost everyone a wide variety of choices to enjoy the exotic flavor and aroma of fresh truffles. Sauces are perfect for those who simply cannot afford fresh ones. So choose one of our truffle sauces and enjoy the flavor and aroma of fresh truffles at an affordable price.

Where Do Truffles Come From?
To inhale the heady aroma of a fresh truffle is an experience like no other. A fresh truffle thinly sliced over your favorite pasta doubles the experience. We are frequently asked why truffles are so expensive. There are several reasons. One is that fresh wild, flavorful and aromatic truffles cannot be commercially cultivated. Another reason is scarcity. Finally, the fresh truffle is a fickle product of nature because each year the truffles might appear in a different place. Only a trained dog with a powerful sense of smell can ferret out these gems of the forest. Fresh truffles also have a very short shelf life. They must be consumed quickly after harvesting. In most cases a week after they are dug up is the time frame.