Vanilla For Baking(11)

Vanilla For Baking

Madagascar Bourbon Beans, Extracts and Powder Our Vanilla Beans, Pure Vanilla Extracts and Vanilla Powder are all of the Bourbon variety, straight from the islands of Madagascar. Bourbon beans (named for the Isle de Bourbon where the French first planted the vines) have a smooth, rich, sweet flavor and are the thinnest Vanilla Bean variety grown. Bourbon beans are considered by connoisseurs to be the best you can buy. The Unmistakable Fragrance of Vanilla Warm, delicate, rich, woodsy, spicy. These qualities combine to make vanilla a sweet spice that supports, balances, mellows and adds a bit of depth to all kinds of dishes. And while you'll find a bottle of vanilla in nearly every cook's pantry, the extract's flavor intensity can vary widely depending upon its origins, purity (pure VS synthetic) and alcohol content. Vanilla, a True Slow Food Vanilla beans are one of the world's most labor-intensive crops. The beans are the fruit of a climbing orchid (vanilla planifolia) that is indigenous to Mexico and Central America. The three-year growth period from planting to maturity is just the beginning of the long journey toward becoming bean, extract or powder. Every single vanilla planifolia flower is pollinated by hand after which growth continues for nine more months until the green seedpod (the vanilla bean) develops. Farmers closely monitor individual plants into the next year. They hand-harvest daily since each bean ripens at its own pace and extreme care must be taken to ensure they do not become over-mature and split. Finally, a crucial six-month curing process gives the beans their heavenly perfume and flavor. Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extracts, Vanilla Powder Add our pure Madagascar-Bourbon Vanilla Extracts to all your pastry recipes including Italian pizzelle, torte, biscotti and hundreds of other confections. Panna cotta, semi freddo, poached pears and gelato all taste better when they're made with Bourbon Vanilla Beans. Our convenient Vanilla Powder adds richness to your cappuccino or latte and is delicious sprinkled on fresh fruit, French toast, muffins, cereals and more. Think outside the traditional Vanilla box. Our chef friends add vanilla to savory dishes and have discovered it also brings out the flavors of poultry, shellfish, beef and lamb'some even add a splash of vanilla to barbeque sauce and braising liquid. Pure Vanilla Extracts Imitation vanilla extract should be avoided at all costs. There is no substitute for quality vanilla extract made with water, alcohol and vanilla extractive. True vanilla extract has a rich perfumed smell, amber color and is totally free of any chemicals or sugar additives. This is the only vanilla extract we offer to our customers.
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