Cinnamon Spices & Extracts

Cinnamon Spices & Extracts

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    Apple Pie Spice

    $3.99 - $410.99
    Apple Pie Spice by OliveNation features two key ingredients of apple pie: cinnamon and nutmeg. It's amazing in apple pies, peach pies, fruit crisps, cobblers, sauces, and pastries. We love Apple Pie Spice because it has no added preservatives or...
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    Ground Caraway

    $3.99 - $67.99
    Ground Caraway by OliveNation is made from ground caraway seeds that have been finely ground. Caraway is a pungent spice with a distinct aroma and anise flavor. Our Ground Caraway is convenient and easy to use. It's fantastic for adding flavor to...
  • OliveNation

    Cinnamon Bark

    $8.99 - $27.99
    Cinnamon Bark by OliveNation is perfect for infusing cinnamon flavor in curries, dessert sauces, and hot beverages like mulled wine and tea. In addition to Indian dishes, Cinnamon Bark is sometimes called for in Moroccan tagine recipes.   Our...
  • OliveNation

    Cassia/Korintje Cinnamon Powder

    $3.99 - $53.99
    Cassia trees are trees of the genus Cinnamomum and are closely related to the Cinnamomum Verum or Ceylon Cinnamon. The inner bark of these trees is what gives us the Korintje variety of cinnamon. This variety of cinnamon is also alternatively referred...
  • OliveNation

    Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

    $4.99 - $428.99
    Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of various trees of the genus Cinnamomum or related trees which are often referred to as Cassia. However, Cinnamomum Verum or Ceylon Cinnamon is often considered to be the only true variety of cinnamon. This variety...
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    Ground Organic Saigon Cinnamon

    $3.99 - $114.99
    Organic Saigon Cinnamon Powder by OliveNation is also known as Vietnamese cinnamon. This type of cinnamon is the most concentrated, flavorful, and intense cinnamon. Organic Saigon Cinnamon is sweet, warm, and spicy. Use it to flavor a dish when cinnamon...
  • OliveNation

    Saigon/Vietnamese Cinnamon Powder

    $3.99 - $511.99
    Cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of various trees of the genus Cinnamomum. The four widely used varieties of cinnamon are Ceylon cinnamon, Vietnamese or Saigon cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon and Korintje cinnamon. Of these, the Vietnamese cinnamon...
  • OliveNation

    Cinnamon Sticks

    $3.99 - $83.99
    Cinnamon Sticks by OliveNation can add wonderful fragrance and flavor to warm beverages, baked goods, and more. Cinnamon is one of the best spices to have in a spice rack because it flavors sweet and savory dishes. It's also a common ingredient...
  • OliveNation

    Organic Ground Cinnamon

    $3.99 - $130.99
    Organic Ground Cinnamon by OliveNation is a warming spice used in numerous dishes, sweet and savory alike. Made from korintje cinnamon, this ground spice boasts true cinnamon flavor.   Organic Ground Cinnamon is more convenient than grinding your...
  • OliveNation

    Cinnamon Baking Chips

    $6.15 - $45.55
    OliveNation’s Cinnamon Chips feature the delicious taste of cinnamon in a sweet chip. You can use them as you would chocolate chips: in cookies, breads, bars, muffins, and much more. Made in the USA, fragrant cinnamon is the main flavor of these...
  • OliveNation

    Cinnamon Oil

    $9.99 - $1,477.95
    OliveNation Cinnamon Oil adds delicious flavor to many sweet and savory foods, especially homemade hard candies. Chocolatiers and candy makers commonly add it to their culinary creations. A hard-to-find and highly-concentrated ingredient, OliveNation...
  • OliveNation

    Cinnamon Extract

    $4.99 - $384.95
    OliveNation's pure cinnamon extract is intensely sweet and tastes just like ground cinnamon. This extract is not just another cinnamon flavor. The extract can be used in beverages, baked goods, ice cream and syrups. It is excellent in coffee, tea,...
  • OliveNation

    Cinnamon Spice Emulsion

    $7.99 - $16.99
    Cinnamon Spice Emulsion by Olive Nation is perfect for flavoring breads, muffins, frostings, fillings, cakes, and more. Our cinnamon spice emulsion gives baked goods a better flavor and richer aroma than cinnamon spice extract. It’s the preferred...
  • OliveNation

    Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil

    $15.99 - $135.99
    OliveNation Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil is a food-grade essential oil. It's great for flavoring chocolates and candies, apple butter, candy apples, cider, frosting, and more. When adding Cinnamon Oil to oatmeal, tea, coffee, and other foods and...
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    Granulated Lemon Peel

    $3.99 - $104.99
    Granulated Lemon Peel by OliveNation is a convenient way to have lemon peel on hand at all times. You never know when a recipe will call for it. Our Granulated Lemon Peel is the grated zest of lemons, except we do the work of grating the fruit for you...
  • OliveNation

    Lemon Powder

    $3.99 - $81.99
    Lemon Powder by OliveNation is a concentrated and dehydrated form of lemon juice. It's also known as Lemon Juice Powder. Our Lemon Powder adds true lemon flavor to recipes. While it contains a sweetener, this concentrated lemon juice is tart and the...
  • OliveNation

    Organic Ground Nutmeg

    $7.99 - $600.99
    Organic Ground Nutmeg by OliveNation is a warming spice used in sweet and savory dishes. It's often an ingredient in apple and pumpkin pies, muffins, puddings, mulled wine, lamb dishes, braised meats, and more. Organic Ground Nutmeg is more...
  • OliveNation

    Granulated Orange Peel

    $3.99 - $75.99
    Granulated Orange Peel by OliveNation is a convenient way to have orange peel on hand at all times. You never know when a recipe will call for it. Our Granulated Orange Peel is the grated zest of oranges, except we do the work of grating oranges for...
  • OliveNation

    Pumpkin Spice

    $3.99 - $124.99
    Pumpkin Spice Our Pumpkin Pie Spice is a blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice and can be used to enhance a traditional pumpkin pie, but also works well in baked and mashed winter squash or sweet potato recipes. Try in muffins or cookies as...
  • OliveNation

    Sweet Dough Powder

    $6.99 - $81.99
    Add citrus and vanilla flavors to your baked goods with Sweet Dough Powder by OliveNation. Use it as an alternative to sweet dough extract or emulsion. Cinnamon rolls, challah, coffee cake, and pastries have hints of citrus and vanilla. Our Sweet Dough...
  • OliveNation

    Tamarind Powder

    $3.99 - $44.99
    Tamarind Powder by OliveNation is a sour spice that's commonly used in Asian cuisine, especially Indian dishes like lentils and curries. It adds a slightly sour taste to noodles, soups, sauces, marinades, and more. It enhances the other flavors...
  • OliveNation

    Sun Dried Tomato Powder

    $3.99 - $4.99
    Sun Dried Tomato Powder by OliveNation is made from vine-ripened tomato slices that have been dried, preserved with salt, and ground into a powder. This natural seasoning is great for sauces, soups, and dressings. Also flavors and adds color to bread...

Cinnamon Spice For Flavors Baking and Cooking

Cinnamon is widely used in baking and cooking. It's one of our most popular spices. We offer cinnamon in a variety of forms. In the OliveNation store, buy cinnamon sticks, pure cinnamon powder, and cinnamon bark.

There are many types of natural cinnamon. OliveNation sells a great selection of ground cinnamon powder. Shop Cassia Korintje Cinnamon Powder and Ground Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. You can also buy Ground Organic Saigon Cinnamon and Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon Powder in our online store.

If you want to make your own cinnamon powder, try our cinnamon sticks. Carefully grate them with a microplaner or fine grater. Cinnamon sticks are excellent for mulled wine, apple cider, and more. You can also shop OliveNation for Cinnamon Bark. They're good for mulling and stewing, too.

When you need natural cinnamon, shop OliveNation. We sell the best cinnamon powders. We also carry different varieties of cinnamon. Each variety delivers a different flavor and spice level to recipes. Ceylon is considered by some to be real cinnamon, and OliveNation is happy to bring it to you. Vietnamese Cinnamon delivers a concentrated flavor. Add it to your shopping cart and make some authentic Vietnamese pho.

Cinnamon powder is fantastic for streusel toppings, pastry fillings, and more. When a recipe asks for liquid cinnamon, try our Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Cinnamon Emulsion, or Cinnamon Extract. These products are all excellent for bringing cinnamon flavor to foods. Our Cinnamon Leaf Oil is strong, so use a little at a time. Our alcohol-free Cinnamon Emulsion is great for baked goods and frosting. Cinnamon Extract is awesome in ice cream and baked goods.

Cinnamon Powder is a must-have ingredient in many sweets and desserts. It can also be a special component of savory dishes. Indian, Peruvian, Mexican, and other cuisines all use cinnamon. Pure Cinnamon Powder tastes excellent in soups, sauces, spice rubs, and more.

Be sure that when you shop at OliveNation, you are buying pure cinnamon powder and pure cinnamon extract. We take pride in the quality of our products. Shop cinnamon powders, bark, and sticks in our store.