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Orange Blossom Water & Rose Flower Water for Cooking and Baking

OliveNation carries hard-to-find ingredients and Flower Water is one of them. We feature two excellent brands of imported Flower Waters: Cortas and Malandel. Cortas Flower Waters are made in Lebanon and Malandel Flower Waters are French.

We stock Malandel Orange Blossom Water and Malandel Rose Flower Water. We also carry Cortas Rose Water and Cortas Orange Blossom Water.

Our customers use our Flower Waters for cooking and baking. Some flavor crepe and cookie batters. Others drizzle Rose Flower Water or Orange Blossom Water over fruit. Our customers also use Orange Blossom Water or Rosewater to make special cocktails. Rose Flower Water is commonly combined with champagne. There are many recipes you can make with Orange Blossom Water or Rose Flower, such as Rose Water Syrup, Baklava, Rose Water Biscotti, Orange Blossom Water Sorbet, and many more. Orange Blossom Water is featured in Mideastern, Turkish, and Indian cooking. It goes well with vanilla, almond, and citrus flavors. Rose Flower Water tastes delicious in iced teas, shortbread cookies, pistachio baked goods, and more.

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