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Fruits Nuts & Snacks


Wholesale Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Snack Mixes for Sale in Bulk

OliveNation supplies bulk dry fruit, nuts, and snacking mixes for bakeries, restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, and personal use. Our premium ingredients are sourced from around the world to create a wide selection of delicious and healthy foods for snacking, cooking, and baking. From all-natural plump, moist dried fruit that is always a favorite to raw, dried, or roasted nuts to unique fruit-and-nut mixes in a variety of flavor profiles to classic candied fruits and peels, our bulk dried snack ingredients will delight the palate. Minimally processed, natural foods are a perfect match for current trends toward plant-based, clean label eating and processing. OliveNation brand bulk dried fruits, nuts, and mixes are available in a range of sizes suitable for everything from home snacking and baking to professional quality wholesale and retail food production. Whether you need top quality bakery ingredients, bulk bar mix appetizers, or simply want to snack on healthy, natural products, our selection is sure to please.

For your dessert and dinner favorites, we have found what we believe to be the best candied peels from the oranges of Seville and from Italian lemons. We've happily added crystallized ginger and apricots (think biscotti, panna cotta, pork loin, etc.). For snacking, don't say we didn't warn you: dried fruits and nuts are addictive. They remind us of the little bags of sweetness we would buy for later as we left our favorite pastry shop or café. Despite our best intentions, they never lasted very long, but the chocolatey pleasure was one we repeated often! For gifting, make it personal and customize your own snack mixes with our bulk dried fruit and nuts. If you’d rather avoid the hassle of making your own mix, go with a premade mix—we have several wholesale fruit and nut snack mixes for you to enjoy. Indulge someone with their own gift assortment of our candied fruits and nuts. Purchasing bulk dried fruits and nuts makes it easy to create gifts for hosts/hostesses, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, or just for someone special.