Chocolate Extracts

Chocolate Extracts


What is Chocolate Extract?

Want to add rich cocoa or chocolatey taste to recipes without adding bulk? Chocolate extracts might be the perfect solution. These liquid flavorings are made by extracting flavor compounds from cacao solids and/or natural flavors into a base such as alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerin, or other carriers. Pure chocolate extracts and certified Organic choolate flavored extracts are immensely popular for commercial beverage and bakery applications as they are ideal for use in so-called Clean Label products. Retail bakeries, home cooks, and food service or institutional chefs sometimes prefer flavorings made from natural flavor compounds as they can offer stronger, more intense taste and aroma. TTB-approved chocolate extracts are convenient for commercial brewing applications, as the flavor formulas are pre-approved for use in alcoholic beverages. Whatever the end use, liquid flavorings are a great way to add rich, chocolatey taste and aroma to culinary creations and drinks, and our selection has something for everyone.

Cooking with Chocolate Extract

Our pure and natural extracts are great for adding chocolate flavor to candy, beverages, specialty dishes, baked goods, and desserts. Our pure chocolate extract is a great addition to make traditional Mexican Mole really shine.
In order to get the best flavor possible from extracts, it's important to remember the following storage tips:

  • Close the bottle tightly after each use.
  • Store your extracts in a cool, dark place.

These simple steps will help prevent evaporation so that you can ensure that your extracts provide sensational flavor each and every time you use them.

What Does Chocolate Extract Taste Like?

Chocolate extract has a rich and smooth flavor that nicely complements the flavors of vanilla, maple, cinnamon, coffee, cream, and many berries. It's best used in baked goods either to boost depth of chocolate flavor already present, or to add chocolate taste to a recipe for a different flavor profile.

Does OliveNation sell chocolate extracts in bulk?

OliveNation offers high-quality chocolate extracts and flavors for baking and cooking in a full range of sizes. We take wholesale orders and have a special wholesale program for those looking to purchase chocolate extracts in bulk quantities.

What types of chocolate extracts do you carry?

OliveNation features the finest chocolate extracts made from top-quality ingredients. Our selection includes pure cocoa extract, Organic chocolate extract, chocolate chip mint flavor, and white chocolate flavor.