Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder


Wholesale Cocoa Powder for Baking and Cooking

Need to create rich chocolate treats? Cocoa powder is one of the most popular ingredients in baking, cooking, and confectionery applications. Made from dried and ground cacao beans with the fat (cocoa butter) removed, this versatile powder is available in either Natural or Dutched form. Dutch, or alkalized, cocoa powders are treated with an alkalizing agent in order to reduce the acidity of the final product. This process gives a smoother, more mellow chocolate flavor as well as a darker color. Dutched cocoa powder is frequently called "baking cocoa" and is commonly used to create baked goods, hot chocolate or hot cocoa, ice cream, as well as frostings, fillings, and confections. The amount of cocoa butter that remains in the final powdered form impacts both taste and texture: higher fat content will give a more tender crumb and smoother mouthfeel. OliveNation offers a wide selection of cocoa powder for baking in a range of colors and cocoa butter contents to meet the needs of both home and commercial bakers.

What is Dutch Process Cocoa Powder?

Dutch processing is an alkalizing process to reduce the natural acidity and bitterness of pure cacao. Dutch-process cocoa powders are best for recipes that call for baking powder as the main leavening or for recipes that do not require leavening, such as puddings, ice creams, and beverages.

Can Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder be Used as a Substitute for Natural Cocoa Powder?

It depends on the application. For non-leavened or liquid recipes including buttercream, frosting, mousse, pudding, ice cream, and hot chocolate, you can use Dutch-process cocoa powder. Some recipes for baked goods were designed for a specific type of cocoa powder and might not yield best results with a substitution. As a rule of thumb, for recipes that use baking powder as a leavening agent, or recipes with a higher volume of baking powder than baking soda, the more alkaline Dutch-process powder will deliver smoother flavor and a more tender crumb.

General FAQs About Cocoa Powder

Does OliveNation sell cocoa powder in bulk?

At OliveNation, we have a great wholesale program for people who want to place a bulk order for any cooking and baking ingredients, including cocoa powder. Please head to the website for more information and the coupon code.

What types of Cocoa Powder do you have?

OliveNation carries both sweetened and unsweetened cocoa powder. We have a wide range of products, including Natural Cocoa Powder, Dark Cocoa Powder, Jet Black Cocoa Powder, Premium Carob Powder, and more to suit the varied needs of our customers.

Which brands of cocoa powder do you sell?

We carry popular brands of cocoa powder, including Ghirardelli, Valrhona, Callebaut, Blommer, and more. They are best suitable for baking cakes, brownies, and other treats.