Sea Salt

Sea Salt

  • Ladybug Picnic Sea Salt

    Ladybug Picnic Sea SaltSize: 6.5 oz. Tin.Ingredients: Sea Salt, Garlic, Lemon, Paprika, Curry, Mustard, Parsley, Pepper, Sage, DillLadybug Picnic Sea Salt is a hearty, versatile seasoning that packs powerful flavor in every sprinkle. Paprika, curry,...
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    Hawaiian Sea Salt


    Hawaiian sea salts are a product of the blue pacific ocean. The quality of the salts lend themselves to many different dishes. The large crystals add depth and complexity to savory dishes with their earthy qualities. Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt This salt's...

Wholesale French, Italian, and Hawaiian Sea Salt

Salts born of just the Sun and the Sea Italian sea salt harvesting techniques go back 2000 years with earliest history recorded by the Phoenicians. Using ancient traditional methods, Sea Salt of Cervia (near Venice) and Sea Salt of Trapani (in Sicily) still hand-harvest their sea salt between June and September. Off the coast of Noirmoutier in France, Fleur de Sel crystals are delicately skimmed off the surface of pristine salt ponds. And from the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific, our Hawaiian Pink and Black Salts are renowned for their earthy flavors, rich color,and texture. Why Professional Chefs & Foodies Prefer Sea Salt While sea salt and table salt each have the same nutritional value, professional chefs often choose sea salt over table salt for its subtle flavor, varying texture (from fine to crunchy) and natural, unrefined goodness. Common table salt is typically mined from underground rock salt deposits. It's then refined, removing most of its minerals and adding anti-caking, flow and bleaching agents. All our Sea Salt selections are unrefined, so in addition to the correct balance of sodium and chloride, they still contain traces of dozens of natural mineral elements including calcium, magnesium, potassium and more. Nothing else is added. With or Without Iodine As most medical experts will tell you, most people don't have to worry about being sure there is added iodine in their salt. Iodine is found in many other foods, including dairy products, dried fruit, molasses and seafood. For those who need or prefer all the goodness of sea salt with added iodine, we offer Trapani Sea Salt with Iodine. Pairings Pair our Sea Salts with cheese and prepared meats. Add it to your marinades and use it for cooking. Sprinkle over tomatoes and bruschetta. Smother a pork shoulder with sea salt; add a few springs of rosemary and slow roast for a few hours. Simply delicious!

General FAQs about Sea Salts

What types of sea salts do you carry?

OliveNation carries a wide range of sea salt, including French, Italian, Trapani, and Hawaiian Sea Salts, that have a natural taste and excellent texture to enhance your recipes. You can get the finest sea salts with us!

Do you have unrefined sea salts?

Our sea salt selections are unrefined. In addition to the correct balance of chloride and sodium, our products also contain traces of several natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and more.

Do you sell sea salt in bulk?

If you are looking to place wholesale orders of sea salt, we can help. We accept bulk orders and have a unique wholesale program for our buyers looking to purchase sea salt in large quantities. You can buy online with confidence!