Flours & Mixes

Flours & Mixes

  • OliveNation

    Almond Paste

    $10.99 - $99.99
    Almond Paste by OliveNation features the finest blanched ground almonds mixed with sugar. It can be used in many different ways, including cakes, pies, tarts, tortes, candy, and other delicious desserts. With a superior consistency, Almond paste by...
  • OliveNation

    Almond Powder

    $6.99 - $87.99
    Almond Powder by OliveNation is an alcohol-free alternative to almond extract. It is made with oil of bitter almonds and dextrose, bringing almond flavor to baked goods. You can also flavor coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and oatmeal with Almond Powder...
  • OliveNation

    Angel Cream Mix

    $3.99 - $42.99
    When it comes to making angel food cake and other foam cakes, reach for Angel Cream Mix by OliveNation instead of cream of tartar. Since it controls the pH of egg whites, Angel Cream Mix is superior to cream of tartar. Batters are more uniform, and the...
  • OliveNation


    $3.99 - $210.99
    OliveNation Arrowroot - Arrowroot comes from the rhizomes (roots) of a variety of tropical plants. This fine, white powdery starch is odorless and tasteless. It is often used as a thickener in a recipes for puddings, jellies, and custards. You can also...
  • OliveNation

    Buttermilk Powder

    $5.99 - $39.99
    Buttermilk is one of those ingredients that you usually only need a cup or less for a recipe, but the grocery store sells it in quart containers. Enter Buttermilk Powder by OliveNation. It's a shelf-stable powder made from buttermilk solids. Just mix...
  • OliveNation

    Chickpea Flour

    $6.99 - $11.99
    Chickpea Flour by OliveNation is also called garbanzo bean flour or garbanzo bean powder. It's gluten-free and has a wide range of uses. Chickpea Flour thickens sauces and soups, cooks up like polenta, and can be combined with other flours for baking...
  • Callebaut

    Callebaut Chocolate Mousse Mix

    $35.95 - $40.99
    Callebaut Chocolate Mousse Mixes from OliveNation allow you to make homemade chocolate mousse in no time at all. Starting with the finest Belgian chocolate, Callebaut Chocolate Mousse tastes like it’s made from scratch, but can be whipped up in 5...
  • OliveNation

    Coconut Flour Organic

    $3.99 - $24.99
    Organic Coconut Flour by OliveNation is a gluten-free and high-fiber flour that’s a satisfying alternative to wheat. Produced by removing the fat from organic coconut meat, drying it, and grinding it into a powder, our Organic Coconut Flour is a...
  • OliveNation

    Coconut Milk Powder

    $9.99 - $68.99
    Coconut Milk Powder by OliveNation is a shelf-stable alternative to cow's milk and dairy. It's made from raw and unsweetened coconut cream. Dried coconut milk is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian food. Our Coconut Milk Powder delivers sweet coconut...
  • pastry star

    Creme Brulee Mix

    Anyone responsible for dessert for an important function will love this innovative creme Brulee powder. This mix make a delicious dessert possible when time is of the essence and there isn't anyone else helping. The flavor is true with no aftertaste. In...
  • Patis France

    Elfroy Custard Cream Mix by Patis France

    $3.99 - $221.99
    An absolute kitchen essential for any pastry chef, Elfroy Pastry Cream saves time and effort when it comes to creating the fluffiest Bavarian Cremes and Souffles. Made by gourmet food company Patisfrance, this powder creme acts as the base ingredient for...
  • OliveNation

    Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

    $7.99 - $32.99
    Gluten Free All Purpose Flour by OliveNation works like wheat-based AP flour in recipes. We blended amaranth, quinoa, potato, tapioca, and xanthan gum to bring you this wonderful flour. There's no need to add stabilizers. And 1 cup of our Gluten Free...
  • OliveNation

    Cassava Flour

    $11.99 - $88.99
    Cassava Flour by OliveNation is also called tapioca flour, yucca flour, and manioc flour. Cassava Flour is a versatile gluten-free flour that's essential for gluten-free cooking and baking.  It's fantastic for thickening pie fillings, soups,...
  • OliveNation

    Hazelnut Filbert Flour

    $17.99 - $132.99
    Olivenation's hazelnut (filbert) flour  is a hearty flour that is the perfect gluten free alternative for making cookies, cake and other desserts. This stable, balanced, no grain flour is delicious and produces high quality baked goods. Nut flours,...
  • OliveNation

    Masa Harina Flour

    $3.99 - $45.99
    Masa Harina Flour by OliveNation is finely-ground corn flour made from corn kernels that have been treated with an alkali solution. A key ingredient in Mexican cuisine, Masa Harina Flour is used to make dough for tortillas, tamales, sopes, arepas,...
  • OliveNation

    Pistachio Flour

    $36.99 - $114.99
    Pistachio Flour by OliveNation brings a nutty flavor to baked goods including pistachio macarons. This gluten-free flour, also called Pistachio Meal, is made from ground pistachio meats.  In addition to baking, here are some amazing ways to...
  • OliveNation

    Quinoa Flour (Golden)

    $7.99 - $30.99
    Quinoa Flour (Golden) by OliveNation is milled from golden quinoa harvested in South America. As a complete protein and gluten-free grain, quinoa is packed with nutrition. Now you can put all its goodness in baked goods with our Quinoa Flour (Golden)...
  • OliveNation

    Rice Flour

    $3.99 - $14.99
    Rice Flour by OliveNation is a staple of gluten-free cuisine. This fine white flour is made from premium rice kernels. It's great for baking, as a coating for meats and fish, and as a sauce thickener. Rice Flour has a mild, nutty flavor. This all-natural...
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    Organic Brown Rice Flour

    Organic Brown Rice Flour by OliveNation is gluten-free flour made from organic whole rice kernels. We stone-grind them to preserve the kernels' mildly nutty flavor. Our Organic Brown Rice Four is ideal for coating foods for frying, thickening soups,...
  • OliveNation

    Wild Rice Flour

    $19.99 - $144.99
    Wild Rice Flour by OliveNation is milled premium wild rice. You can use this gluten-free flour in cooking and baking. Our Wild Rice Flour has a mild nutty flavor. It's great for: Breads and baked goods Coatings for chicken and...
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    Semolina Flour

    Semolina Flour by OliveNation is perfect from making pastas, bread, pizza dough, and more. This is the flour to use for making authentic Italian pasta. Our Semolina Flour is milled from durum wheat. Make homemade tortellini, lasagna noodles, fettuccini,...
  • OliveNation

    Soy Flour

    $3.99 - $14.99
    Soy Flour by OliveNation is ideal for baking. It can replace up to 30 percent of the all-purpose flour in recipes. It lightens batters and makes baked goods crispier. Soy Flour also thickens soups and sauces, is excellent for breading foods before...
  • OliveNation

    Lemon Curd Powder

    $6.99 - $48.99
    With Lemon Curd Mix by OliveNation you can easily make luscious lemon curd in no time at all. Use it as a lemon filling for tarts, cakes, dessert bars, and more. Our Lemon Curd Mix results in a lemon filling that tastes like it was made from scratch. No...
  • pastry star

    Instant Pastry Creme Filling Mix

    PastryStar Creme Supreme mix is a quick and easy way to make bavarian cream filling for your pasties and desserts. You can use it to make a delicious and smooth pastry cream in just 3 minutes. Made with all natural ingredients, from an original swiss...
  • OliveNation

    Potato Starch

    $3.99 - $101.99
    Potato Starch by OliveNation is an alternative to cornstarch. It's great for thickening soups, sauces, and stews—it withstands a higher temperature than cornstarch. Potato Starch also works great in baking.
  • OliveNation

    White Sorghum Flour

    $4.99 - $31.99
    White Sorghum Flour by OliveNation is a whole grain, gluten-free, high-protein flour. Sorghum has a nutrition profile similar to corn. White Sorghum Flour can be found in gluten-free flour mixes as it's best in baked goods when paired with other...
  • OliveNation

    White Spelt Flour

    $7.99 - $19.99
    White Spelt Flour by OliveNation is milled from spelt, an ancient grain related to wheat. It tastes nutty and a little sweet. It's ideal for muffins, pancakes, cookies, and other baked goods. Some bakers prefer spelt flour over whole wheat because...
  • OliveNation

    Brown Teff Flour

    $10.99 - $78.99
    Brown Teff Flour by OliveNation is milled from a variety of millet. Its flavor reminds us of hazelnuts -- it's sweet and nutty. Brown Teff Flour is an excellent source of protein, calcium, protein, iron, and other nutrients. Teff Flour originated in...
  • OliveNation

    Meringue Powder

    $13.99 - $101.99
    Meringue Powder by OliveNation is just what you need to make perfect royal icing, meringue, and buttercream. Not only is it convenient and cost-effective, bakers often prefer to make meringue from Meringue Powder instead of raw egg whites for safety...
  • OliveNation

    Vital Wheat Gluten

    $7.99 - $32.99
    Vital Wheat Gluten by OliveNation contains mostly gluten and is very low in starch. It gives bread dough more elasticity, improves its rise, and makes the end product chewier. Vital Wheat Gluten essentially strengthens dough. It is great for whole grain...
  • OliveNation

    Walnut Meal

    $3.99 - $12.99
    Walnut Meal by OliveNation is a coarse nut meal also known as walnut flour. It's great for filling pastries, wheat-free baking, paleo recipes, grain-free baking, and more. Walnut Meal adds texture to baked goods. And it's much easier than...