Coconut Milk Powder Blend

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  • Coconut Milk Powder Blend
  • Coconut Milk Powder Blend
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PLEASE NOTE: This product is intended for culinary uses only: cooking, baking, and other human food applications.

Coconut Milk Powder Blend For Cooking, Baking, and Beverages

  • Powdered Formulation with up to 18 Month Shelf Stability is Ideal for Mixes
  • Adds Taste of Real Coconut to Mixes, Baked Goods, Sauces, Desserts, & Beverages
  • Gluten Free and Certified Kosher (Dairy)
  • Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate

Coconut milk powder blend is a shelf-stable dried ingredient that makes it easy to add the sweet taste and creamy texture of real coconut to mixes, sweet or savory dishes, desserts, and beverages. Our powdered formulation is easily reconstituted by simply adding hot water. Depending on the ratio of powder and water used, our bulk coconut milk powder blend can be used as a replacement for standard dairy or coconut milk, "light" canned coconut milk, or even coconut cream. This powdered form features a long shelf life (up to 18 months) and a fine texture that makes it a great dry ingredient for sweet or savory baking or beverage mixes. Dried coconut milk, like our coconut milk powder blend for baking and beverages, is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian food, including many curry recipes. This versatile powdered ingredient is great for use as a flavored coffee creamer, in smoothies and ice creams, or for adding a touch of sweetness as well as creamy texture to sauces, dips, glazes, and frostings. This all-natural product is non-GMO, gluten-free, and Certified Kosher Dairy, but does include sodium caseinate (a milk derivative) so is not lactose-free, vegan, or dairy free.

Where can you use Coconut Milk Powder?

  • Add to coffee or hot cocoa as a flavored creamer.
  • Use it for flavoring yogurt, ice cream, pudding, and fillings.
  • Mix coconut milk powder with water and sugar to create a delicious glaze for desserts and baked goods.
  • Add it to smoothies and shakes for a boost of creamy coconut flavor.

How to reconstitute coconut milk powder blend:

To make coconut milk, combine 1 cup of powder with 1/2 cup hot or warm water and stir well.

ALLERGEN NOTE: This product contains sodium caseinate, a milk derivative used to increase creaminess. Because it is derived from real milk, sodium caseinate does contain lactose and can cause reactions in people with lactose sensitivity or allergy.

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Product Specifications

Coconut milk, maltodextrin, and sodium caseinate.
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6 Reviews

  • 5

    Contains Dairy Protein

    Posted by Nann on Jan 25th 2018

    I'm not sure how I missed this, but this product is NOT vegan and contains the dairy protein, casein (sodium caseinate). It also contains maltodextrin, a corn product (likely not non-GMO). Such a bummer! Am hoping for a vegan product in the near future.

  • 5


    Posted by Rita on Oct 18th 2017

    I noticed that there is Maltodextrine and Casseine in it. It would be best if you read the ingredients...

  • 5

    Beware Changed ingredients (Oct 2017)

    Posted by Marigold on Oct 4th 2017

    This used to be pure coconut milk powder. Luckily, before I ordered it I noticed they have added some other unnecessary ingredients. Super disappointed won't be buying again.

  • 5

    Review for Coconut Milk Powder

    Posted by Stephanie Leischer on Apr 2nd 2017

    Happy to find coconut milk powder at a reasonable price!

  • 5

    Hard to Find Elsewhere

    Posted by Trudy on Aug 24th 2016

    This is a wonderful product, and one I have not found elsewhere. I am looking forward to making a non-dairy hot cocoa mix!

  • 5

    Love this coconut milk powder

    Posted by Sulynn on May 28th 2016

    I used this to thicken my homemade yogurt. It worked great and I added OliveNation coconut extract for wonderful coconut yogurt. This is the only coconut milk powder I have found that contains only coconut milk without all the additives others contain. This is the only coconut milk powder I will ever use.

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