Tahitian Vanilla

Tahitian Vanilla


Vanilla Products from Tahitiensis Beans

Tahitian vanilla can mean either vanilla beans of the Tahitiensis variety grown and harvested on the island of Tahiti or Tahitiensis vanilla beans grown and harvested elsewhere, usually Papua New Guinea. Originally grown as a hybrid of V. Planifolia and V. Odorata, the Tahitian variety is now considered a separate species on its own.

Tahitian vs Madagascar Vanilla

In addition to being grown from different vanilla orchid varieties, the final taste and aroma of Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla beans is greatly influenced by how and where they are cultivated, how they are harvested, and how the beans are processed. Tahitian vanilla from Papua New Guinea has a deeper, richer flavor and aroma with darker fruit notes, while that grown on Tahiti itself is lighter and more delicately flavored.

How is Tahitian Vanilla Different from Madagascar Vanilla?

Tahitiensis vanilla has more floral notes than Madagascar vanilla. While Madagascar vanilla generally has a stronger and creamier flavor due to a higher concentration of natural vanillin, Tahitian vanilla, although milder, has unique sweet and fruity notes, including cherry, plum, licorice, and caramel.

What is Tahitian Vanilla Good For?

Due to its delicate, sweet taste, Tahitian vanilla is frequently the first choice of professional pastry chefs and bakers. Vanilla seeds and extracts from Tahitiensis beans are ideal for flavoring pastry cream, custards, fruit pie fillings, and puddings. The light, fruity taste and floral aroma also make this variety a perfect choice for use in beverages such as smoothies or milkshakes. Many professional bakers consider Tahitian vanilla for cookies to be the best due to its unique, complex flavor.

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