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Butterscotch Flavor Natural

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This Organic Compliant Butterscotch Flavor can give baked goods delicious butterscotch flavor. Try it in cakes, candy, cookies, sauces, and more.





For a smoothly sweet flavor, chefs have been turning to

butterscotch for decades. This sweet treat is made by combining just the right amount of melted brown sugar, butter and other ingredients. The mixture is traditionally allowed to harden into butterscotch candy and broken into pieces to enjoy, or it can be distilled into butterscotch extract that can be used in coffee, cocktails, and various food recipes. Olive Nation’s Organic Compliant Butterscotch Extract provides a rich butterscotch flavor using only the best organic ingredients. Our butterscotch extract utilizes the freshest unsalted butter, organic cane brown sugar, and other ingredients that are painstakingly distilled at optimum temperature to create a gourmet delight.

The essence of butter and brown sugar, our organic compliant butterscotch extract is a main ingredient in desserts, candies, and baked goods. It is even used to flavor liquors for designer cocktails and specialty drinks. While butterscotch extract is essential to some popular recipes, there are an endless variety of ways that the butterscotch extract can be used. Mix some of our organic butterscotch extract into your morning coffee for a special treat, or add it to brownie recipes for moist, sweet brownies that everyone will love.

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IngredientsIngredients: Organic compatible alcohol, water, natural butterscotch flavors. Free of propylene glycol.
nutrition No
msds No
allergenstatement No
coa No
fids No
spec No
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