How Is Anise Extract Made And Used?

Anise was used as a flavoring agent or spice by Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. Anise flavor was so popular by the early 1300s that the tolls charged for imports of anise seed amounted to enough to help pay for London Bridge repairs! Now that is history. Homemade anise extract can be made made by filling a half-pint canning jar with whole star anise and then covering it with vodka. I will last indefinitely. For those who prefer their anise extract without alcohol, there is always the
OliveNation anise extract ready for your culinary use. Anise extract is widely used in baked goods worldwide, especially in Italy. Italians, for anyone who doesn't know, love licorice flavor as well as licorice candies. Anise extract is is a key ingredient in homemade Absinthe or Galliano liquors, as well as Greek ouzo, French anisette and Turkish arrak and taki. In baking, biscotti, pizzelle, pfefferneusse, peppernut cookies and anise tuiles are enhanced with anise's distinctive flavor. For the licorice lover it is enjoyed in almost any baked sweet. Some people enjoy adding a bit of anise extract to any cookie batter or coffee cake. It works well in anything baked with spices like cloves, cinnamon or nutmeg.
Anise Extract

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