Dried or Candied Fruit

Dried or Candied Fruit


Bulk Natural Dried Fruits & Candied Mixed Fruits

If you are wondering where to buy candied fruit, you can stop pondering now! Because we have an extensive selection of best quality dried, candied mixed fruit starting from as low as $3.99. Whether you want to use them in cakes, breads, or muffins or want to have them as snacks, we have it all!

In addition to assorted dried fruit and fruit jelly slices, we also have dried tart cherries, goji berries, apricots, orange and lemon peels, and more in stock! These natural fruit snacks are perfect toppings for your salad, yogurt, and oatmeal, or can be used in your own healthy trail mix or granola bars.

Why Should You Buy Candied or Glazed Fruit?

There are many benefits of using glazed fruit in your baking and cooking recipes:

  • They look beautiful and can add color to your cakes, desserts, and other dishes.
  • They are long-lasting because the process of candying fruit naturally helps to preserve them.
  • These must-have ingredients can make your baking and cooking a sure success.
  • They give the fruits a unique twist by adding to their flavor and texture.
  • Even products like ginger become super-ingredients that you can use in a variety of sweet recipes.

These soft, chewy, sugar-dusted snacks are an excellent way to healthful snacking. So whether you’re a cake fanatic, full-time baker, pudding pro, or utterly love glazed, candied fruit, we’ve got you covered with our amazing selection!fruit, we’ve got you covered with our amazing selection!

General Questions about Dried or Candied Fruit

Does OliveNation take bulk orders for dried or candied fruits?

OliveNation has an excellent wholesale program. If you want to buy dried or candied fruits in bulk, you may head to our website for the coupon code and get the best prices!

What types of candied fruits do you have in your stock?

We carry a variety of candied and dried fruits, including the likes of dried apricots, chopped dates, dried berries, dried figs, fruit jelly slices, crystallized ginger, and more to meet the varied needs of our customers.

How to use candied or glazed fruits?

Our selection of natural fruit snacks is an ideal choice of toppings for your salad, yogurt, and oatmeal. You can also have them straight from the package or use them in your healthy trail mix or granola bars.