Cooking with Porcini Powder

If you love the taste of porcini mushrooms, then you need to try porcini powder. The next time you prepare a dish which calls for flouring your chicken breast, veal or any other meat mix some porcini powder in with the flour. The normal ratio is about three quarters flour to one quarter porcini powder. Add a little freshly ground five peppercorn mix along with a little salt. Saute your meat or poultry in a little unsalted butter mixed with some olive oil for a delicious treat.
A little porcini powder packs a powerful punch! While it really depends on how much mushroom flavor you want or if you are using it as a thickening agent, just remember that a little goes a long way. Try 1/2 Tablespoon in a risotto for four. Use 1 Tablespoon in a meat rub. It works wonderful as a thickening agent too.
Porcini Mushrooms

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