Organic Vanilla

Organic Vanilla


Certified Organic Vanilla Extracts, Beans, Powder & Paste

Organic vanilla is one of the most popular ingredients in the growing Better-for-You and Clean Label commercial food movements. Grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and manufactured without additives, Certified Organic foods are preferred by many consumers, and therefore by many industrial food producers. As vanilla is generally recognized as the most popular flavor in the world, organic vanilla products are rapidly becoming a key ingredient in both home and commercial baking applications. OliveNation is proud to offer an ever-growing selection of USDA-certified organic ingredients such as vanilla extract, beans, pastes, and powders, to allow health-conscious professionals, institutions, manufacturers, and home bakers the opportunity to use the cleanest, most sustainable, environmentally conscious, and healthiest ingredients possible in their recipes.

What is Organic Vanilla?

In order to have the USDA Organic seal, plants used in the product must be grown without the use of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides. Crops must not have been genetically modified or engineered in any way ("Non-GMO"). Organic farming, including vanilla orchid growing and harvesting, is designed to improve sustainability, environmental health, and promote biodiversity. Organically farmed and produced food ingredients help reduce the impact of potentially toxic chemicals and additives on both humans and the environment.

Can Vanilla Extract be Organic?

Like other organic foods, vanilla extract that is Certified Organic must contain only ingredients that meet the USDA standard for certification. Organic vanilla extract must be made from organically grown vanilla beans, extracted using organic-certified alcohol, and cannot contain any artifically produced ingredients. In addition, organic vanilla extract must follow the specific labelling rules set down for vanilla extract by the FDA.

Can Vanilla Flavoring be Organic?

Vanilla extracts that contain ingredients other than those specified by the FDA must be labeled as "Vanilla Flavor" or "Vanilla Flavoring." However, if all ingredients are grown, harvested, and produced in compliance with USDA regulations for organic products, the resulting flavor/flavoring can be certified organic.

What are Organic Vanilla Beans?

Organic vanilla beans are grown and harvested according to USDA organic rules. Vanilla beans that are certified organic were grown with sustainability and minimal environmental impact in mind. No synthetic fertillizers or pesticides are used when growing vanilla organically, and the plants themselves are always Non-GMO.