What Does Almond Extract Taste Like?

What Does Almond Extract Taste Like? How can I use it?

Almond extract is primarily used in baked goods and desserts. Some are surprised that it tastes nothing like almonds. Distilled from the same bitter almond oil that is part of Amaretto's distinctive taste, almond extract has a strong, pure, sweet flavor that goes very well with cherry, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and many other flavors.

Almond extract tastes great in cookies, cakes, muffins, bread, cheesecakes and other sweet desserts. It can also be used and is delicious in some sweet stews and curries. Just add about teaspoon to a batch and see what you think. Cooks who prefer natural extracts without a bitter aftertaste can use our pure almond extract to replace imitation almond extract in any recipe.
Almond Extract

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