The Importance of Low Acidity In Olive Oil

Did you know that the acidity level in olive oil is a crucial factor that helps to determine its quality? Before discussing the level of acidity in olive oil, let us get to know what olive oil is.

What is Olive Oil?

The oil extracted from the fruit of the olive tree is known as olive oil. It is commonly used in cosmetics, cooking, medicine, and soaps. It can also be used as a dip for bread or as a salad dressing. Some people consume it in small quantities for medicinal purposes.

Is Olive Oil Acidic or Alkaline?

Most vegetable oils are weak acids. Since they are not soluble in water, their acidity cannot be measured in terms of pH levels. It is usually estimated in percent free acidity.

Extra virgin olive oils are known to have less than .8% free fatty acid, and virgin olive oils have acidity between 0.8% to 2%.

Why is Olive Oil Acidity Important?

The initial level of acidity of olive oil is 0. Triglycerides oils are produced inside the fruit naturally, and during the production process of olive oil, fatty acids get released, which increase its acidity level.

Most people believe that the greater the acidity of olive oil, the better its flavor. However, this is a widely misunderstood concept!

In truth, the acidity of oil has nothing to do with its taste or flavor. Thus, when looking for healthy options, the rule of thumb to purchasing olive oil is to buy an oil that has low acidity level to ensure high quality.

This is because the acidity in oil indicates the amount of free fatty acids in it, and when looking for nutritious choices, you must choose the ones that have a low acidity level. In addition to this, lower acidity also means that the fruit has undergone less damage, thus offering healthier qualities.

How to Buy Top-Quality Olive Oil?

Here are the secrets to buying high-quality olive oil:

  • Read the Label Carefully: Check the label to see the manufacturing and use by dates and avoid buying bottles that say only olive oil because they may contain more fatty acids.
  • Choose Olive Oil Labeled Extra Virgin: Buying extra virgin olive oil is a great way to ensure that you get a high-quality product because it usually has the least amount of fatty acids.
  • Avoid Buying Oils in Clear Bottles: Exposure to light makes the oil inside the container lose its flavor and aroma. Thus, always buy extra virgin olive oil in opaque tins or dark bottles.
  • Buy from Trusted Dealers: The best way to buy good quality olive oil is to get it from a trusted dealer such as OliveNation!

Now that you know the difference between extra virgin and normal olive oil and how to purchase good quality olive oil, be sure to check out our selection of extra virgin olive oil. We also have infused oils made from hand-picked olives to preserve the flavors. Our products have acidity levels as low as 0.2% to 0.6% and can add an authentic taste to your dishes.

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