Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking

Making Extra Virgin the old fashioned way at Venarotta In Venarotta (Marche) we grow olives and make olive oil the traditional, natural, organic way, without any chemicals. Check out theOliveNation Estate Olive Oil below. We have very limited quantities available. Our Italian Olive Oils are Better! DOP Certificates authenticate the olives and the oils as truly Italian and local. Awards galore. Hand-picked olives to preserve the flavors. Cold-pressed within 24 hours into extra-virgin olive oil. Lower in acidity (0.2% - 0.6%). Cook with them or simply drizzle on your pasta, salads, steaks, potatoes and more. Taste the authentic Italian difference! The Right Olive Oil.…Let Your Menu Be Your Guide Some of our specially selected single-estate olive oils are golden, other olive oils have a greenish tint. You may catch a hint of lemon or vanilla in one and grasses or nuts in another extra-virgin olive oil. One might thrill you with an intense peppery kick, while the next will be smooth and mild. Pair them accordingly. A bold extra-virgin olive oil adds flavor to your grilled steak. With a poached whitefish, try a milder, sweeter olive oil. Keep a couple of different authentic Italian olive oils in your pantry. Experiment and enjoy! For tasty ideas see our recipes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: No Processing Required

Most oils require some sort of processing before being consumed. Practically every vegetable oil is refined using steam or solvents before it is ready for consumption. On the other hand, freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil can be consumed immediately. Extra virgin olive oil retains all the natural flavors, vitamins and healthy attributes of ripe olives.