Infused, Nut & Seed Oils(20)

Infused, Nut & Seed Oils

Pure Perfection with a little extra flavor Though some purists may shudder at the idea of altering what is, admittedly, pure perfection, we are happy to respond to our many customer requests and offer the tastiest Infused Oils we have found. Citrus, Herbs, Mushrooms, Truffles and More High quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oils from Italy are infused with the savory aromas and flavors of fresh citrus, traditional Italian herbs, rare truffles, woodsy mushrooms and even zingy red chili peppers. Drizzle, Dip, Finish, Mix, Sprinkle Infused Extra-Virgin Italian Olive Oils are the perfect choice to add just before serving. Brush them onto grilled beef or chicken as a finishing sauce. Drizzle infused oils over pasta, soups, vegetables, fruits and dessert cheeses. Mix into your salads. Sprinkle onto seafood and shellfish or a plate of fresh ripe tomatoes and mozzarella. Or just fill individual dipping bowls and pass around a loaf of really good rustic bread. Great for tasting parties. Enjoy!
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