Infused, Nut & Seed Oils

Infused, Nut & Seed Oils

  • OliveNation

    Almond Oil

    $3.99 - $18.99
    Almond Oil (Sweet) by OliveNation is extracted by cold pressing almonds. This refined oil can be used in high-heat applications including sauteing, frying and baking. In baking, you can replace 1/4 or 1/2 cup vegetable called for in a recipe with Almond...
  • OliveNation

    Argan Nut Oil

    $10.99 - $92.99
    Argan Nut Oil by OliveNation is a cold-pressed virgin oil extracted from argan nuts. Our Argan Nut Oil is deodorized rendering a mild odor and taste. It makes a fantastic finishing oil. Try Argan Nut Oil on salads, mix it into cooked rice or couscous,...
  • OliveNation

    Avocado Oil

    $16.99 - $28.99
    Avocado Oil by OliveNation features a beautiful green color and subtle avocado flavor. It's best for low to medium-high heat cooking and baking applications. Avocado Oil can be used for stir-frying, sauteing, and frying. Drizzle it on fruits like...
  • La Tourangelle

    Avocado Oil Spray by La Tourangelle

    La Tourangelle Avocado Oil features everything you love about La Tourangelle Avocado Oil with the addition of a convenient spray can. This gorgeous green oil has a subtle avocado flavor. Use as much or as little as you want. Spray oils can reduce...
  • OliveNation

    Chia Seed Oil

    $7.99 - $66.99
    Chia Seed Oil by OliveNation is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This cold-pressed and refined oil is best enjoyed uncooked as it is heat-sensitive. Boost smoothies, salad dressings, yogurt, and other cold recipes with our Chia Seed Oil. This product is...
  • OliveNation

    100% Pure Coconut Oil

    $8.99 - $80.99
    Pure Coconut Oil by OliveNation is 100% pure coconut oil. It's cold pressed, refined, and bleached for cooking, baking, and candy making. The ingredient is fantastic for vegan cuisine and high-heat cooking up to 400 degrees F. Our Pure Coconut...
  • OliveNation

    Black Cumin Oil

    $6.99 - $54.99
    Black Cumin Oil by OliveNation is a virgin oil extracted from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. This dark amber to black oil has an herbaceous aroma. Our 100% pure Black Cumin Oil (also known as Black Seed Oil) is cold-pressed and filtered. This oil...
  • OliveNation

    Flax Seed Oil

    $3.99 - $18.99
    Flaxseed Oil by OliveNation is cold pressed, unrefined (virgin), and filtered. It is rich in essential fatty acids. Since it has a very low smoke point, Flaxseed Oil is best in no-heat applications. Try it in smoothies, salad dressings, and other cold...
  • OliveNation

    Grapeseed Oil

    $9.99 - $17.99
    Grapeseed Oil by OliveNation features a green color and light flavor. With a 450-degree F smoke point, it's suitable for a variety of high-heat cooking and baking applications, including frying and roasting. Grapeseed Oil's light taste...
  • OliveNation

    Hemp Seed Oil

    $3.99 - $26.99
    Hemp Seed Oil by OliveNation is cold-pressed, unrefined (virgin), and filtered. It contains high levels of polyunsaturated fats and low levels of saturated fats. Since Hemp Seed Oil has a low smoke point, it work best in no-heat applications including...
  • OliveNation

    Macadamia Nut Oil

    $3.99 - $26.99
    Macadamia Nut Oil by OliveNation is unrefined (virgin) and filtered. This delicious oil is high in monounsaturated fats. In addition to tasting great in a homemade salad dressing, you can use it as a finishing oil. Drizzle it on fish, rice, couscous, and...
  • OliveNation

    Pistachio Oil

    $22.99 - $40.99
    Roasted Pistachio Oil by OliveNation features a beautiful dark green color and intense pistachio flavor. Common in French cuisine, this nut oil tastes delicious drizzled on salads, grilled meat, fish, and more. Roasted Pistachio Oil has a low smoke point...
  • OliveNation

    Styrian Pumpkinseed Oil

    $28.99 - $42.99
    100 percent roasted Styrian pumpkin seed oil is aromatic and rich in flavor. Produced in Austria from a special variety of pumpkin that only grows in a small area--Styria. The pumpkin seeds are dried and then roasted. After this the seeds are pressed...
  • OliveNation

    Sesame Oil

    $14.99 - $25.99
    Toasted Sesame Oil by OliveNation features a wonderful flavor and fragrance. A staple of Asian cooking, Toasted Sesame Oil is a fantastic finishing oil for food, delivering a rich sesame taste. Flavor stir-fries, make salad dressings, whisk sauces, and...
  • OliveNation

    Soybean Oil

    Soybean Oil by OliveNation is made by cold pressing organic soybeans. This refined cooking oil is mild in odor and taste. Our Organic Soybean Oil is versatile -- good for frying, cooking, baking, and more. This product is gluten-free and kosher. ...
  • OliveNation

    Sunflower Oil

    $3.99 - $11.99
    Sunflower Oil by OliveNation is low in saturated fat and great for sautéing, baking, and more. This refined oil is the linoleic type (aka standard sunflower oil). Our Sunflower Oil is kosher and gluten-free.This item is filled in fluid ounces and...
  • Castelmuro

    Walnut Oil 16.9 oz (500 ml)

    Intense walnut flavor makes this oil from Castelmuro a wonderful partner with pears, greens, and Stilton or other blue cheeses. Drizzle it over roasted vegetables and into soups. It is also wonderful for baking where an intense walnut flavor is desired. ...
  • OliveNation

    Walnut Oil

    $3.99 - $23.99
    Walnut Oil by OliveNation is made from expeller pressed walnuts. The refined oil is clear and light yellow and has a mild walnut taste and fragrance. Since it's refined, you can cook with it up to medium-high heat. Our Walnut Oil also makes a great...

Healthiest Infused Oil for Extra Flavor in Your Cooking

Though some purists may shudder at the idea of altering what is, admittedly, pure perfection, we are happy to respond to our many customer requests and offer the tastiest Infused Oils we have found. Citrus, Herbs, Mushrooms, Truffles and More High quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oils from Italy are infused with the savory aromas and flavors of fresh citrus, traditional Italian herbs, rare truffles, woodsy mushrooms and even zingy red chili peppers. Drizzle, Dip, Finish, Mix, Sprinkle Infused Extra-Virgin Italian Olive Oils are the perfect choice to add just before serving. Brush them onto grilled beef or chicken as a finishing sauce. Drizzle infused oils over pasta, soups, vegetables, fruits and dessert cheeses. Mix into your salads. Sprinkle onto seafood and shellfish or a plate of fresh ripe tomatoes and mozzarella. Or just fill individual dipping bowls and pass around a loaf of really good rustic bread. Great for tasting parties. Enjoy!