All About Cappuccino

Cappuccino's origins can be traced to Italy. It is a hot drink made with espresso and milk. The espresso is poured into the bottom third of the cup and then carefully topped off with hot milk. Additional milk is steamed and aerated to form a foam which is then poured on top of the espresso/milk mixture. Baristas will often create designs in the foam for a special touch. Cappuccino takes its name from a branch of the order of Catholic Franciscan friars named capuchins. Cappuccino's rising popularity occurred in Europe after World War II. It was then that large espresso machines became common in restaurants and cafes. In Italy, the Italians always consume cappuccino early in the morning. It is frowned upon to ask for a cappuccino after mid-morning. In the United States, cappuccino has become very popular, especially since specialty coffee bars started opening in major cities. It is now common to find cappuccino flavored beverages, ice cream, cakes and confectionery products. Of course you can create your own at home with OliveNation's cappuccino extract.
Cappuccino Flavor

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