The Difference Between Olive Oils

Most Americans are familiar with olive oil purchased at supermarkets and other mass outlets. For the most part there is very little difference in these oils from year to year. Why? For starters these oils are blended. What does that mean? Essentially olive oils from different regions and even countries are carefully blended to produce a consistent taste profile. Year to year there is very little difference in these oils because producers know that the average consumer expects the olive oils they purchase to have the same taste profile. On the other hand extra virgin olive oils from different estates and regions have their own distinctive taste profiles. Some might be buttery, others grassy or fruity, while others are very light and delicate (no not 'light' as labels on some supermarket olive oils suggest.) These oils are generally much more expensive, but well worth the price since only a small amount is necessary for your favorite vinaigrette or drizzling on meat and seafood. Of course these extra virgin olive oils are never used for frying or sauteeing.
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