Set of 6 Liquor Extracts

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Set of 6 Liqueur-Flavored Extracts & Flavorings - 4 ounce Bottles

  • Set of 6 Liquor Extracts in 4 oz Bottles
  • Flavors: Amaretto, Bourbon Whiskey, Brandy, Butter Rum, Creme De Menthe, Grand Marnier
  • Perfect for Baking, Fillings, Dressings, Frosting, Fondant & More
  • Economical 6-Bottle Set, 4 Ounces per Bottle

This Set of 6 Liquor Extracts contains a 4 oz bottle each of six of our popular liqueur-flavored exracts. These delicious extracts have all the flavor and aroma of classic liqueurs, but allow bakers and cooks to more accurately control the amount of sugar, flavor, and liquid in their recipes. Our liquor extracts are sugar free and gluten free, and offer concentrated formulations that are stronger than the original so that less is needed for deep and delicious flavor. These water-soluble extracts are perfect for baking into batters and doughs, creating sauces, fillings, and glazes. Although some of our flavor extracts are alcohol-based and ideal for heated recipes where the alcohol can "bake out," leaving behind only flavor, color, and aroma, the concentrated formulation means that these flavorings are also effective in beverages, frostings, and marinades where only a small amound is needed to impart taste.

This collection includes a 4-ounce bottle each of the following sugar-free, gluten free flavors:

  • Amaretto Flavor Extract - TTB, Natural: Amaretto, made in Italy from almond and/or apricot kernels, is popular around the world. Our Amaretto extract captures the delicious, rich almond-like flavor and aroma of this special liqueur. Use this TTB-approved flavor extract in baking, or add to frosting, beverages, and ice cream.
  • Bourbon Whiskey Flavor - PG Free: Real bourbon whiskey is used to make this outstanding flavoring. Perfect for adding the classic taste and aroma of bourbon to sauces, glazes, and fillings. Add it to whipped cream to create old-fashioned or mint julep flavor cupcakes, or bake into batters and doughs for a pop of flavor. Delicious!
  • Brandy Flavor Extract - TTB, PG Free, Natural: Use this delicious extract where you want to add brandy flavoring. Premium brandy is used in an aqueous sugar solution to create this water-soluble extract that tastes as great in ice cream and frostings as it does in glazes and sauces for savory dishes. Perfect for baking fruitcakes or simply adding depth of flavor to pound cakes, cupcakes, and layer cakes.
  • Butter Rum Flavor Extract: A classic hot buttered rum is a soothing and delicious cocktail made with rum, butter, and hot water and garnished with either a cinnamon stick or ground nutmeg. Our fantastic butter rum extract pulls all these flavors and aromas together for creating fantastically flavorful cookies, cakes, fillings, frostings, and icings, with no alcohol aftertaste. Add it to lattes, smoothies, and milkshakes for a deep, full-bodied taste that will have people coming back for more.
  • Creme De Menthe Flavor - PG Free: OliveNation's Creme de Menthe extract has a wonderful mint flavor and aroma with hints of dark chocolate and vanilla. Use it in baking, beverages and ice cream. One teaspoon of our clear and colorless extract is sufficient for flavoring a standard cake or cookie recipe. Combine creme de menthe flavor frosting or filling with chocolate or caramel flavor cake or cupcakes for a delicious treat. For a classic look, add green food coloring, or use in white batters and frostings for a surprising and delicious burst of flavor.
  • Grand Marnier Flavor Extract - PG Free, Natural: Grand Marnier is an orange flavored liqueur made from three different kinds of cognac, and is rightfully famous for its luxe, decadent flavor. OliveNation's Grand Marnier Extract can be used to add classic Grand Marnier flavor to French pastries, cakes, cookies and other desserts. It is terrific for cream fillings and ice cream, but also fabulous in both sweet and savory sauces. Use this flavoring sparingly since its concentrated formulation is approximately two to three times stronger than the actual liqueur.
. Items are filled in fluid ounces and not by weight

PLEASE NOTE: This product is intended for culinary uses only: cooking, baking, and other human food applications.

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4 Reviews Write a Review

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    Set of 6 Liquor Extracts

    Posted by Mike on Feb 27th 2021

    Beautiful! Now I can smell like I’ve been drinking all the time!

  • 5


    Posted by Maryland Baker on Feb 2nd 2018

    The price was great, and I love having the variety of flavors for my baking.

  • 5

    Love Love Love!!!

    Posted by Stephanie on Oct 5th 2016

    Excellent product

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