Pistachio Flavor

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  • Pistachio Flavor
  • Pistachio Flavor
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Pistachio Flavoring adds Sweet, Nutty Taste to Baked Goods, Desserts & Beverages

  • Water Soluble Flavor from Natural Extracts and Essential Oils
  • Sugar Free Formulation Perfect for Low Calorie Desserts
  • Adds Classic Taste of Pistachio to Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream, and Beverages
  • Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly

OliveNation pistachio flavoring is ideal for adding the distinctive sweet and nutty taste of pistachio nuts to ice cream, baked goods, and beverages. This water soluble formulation is also ideal for use in icings, frostings, fillings, puddings, and whipped toppings. Our sugar free pistachio baking flavoring is made using natural extracts and essential oils for true-to-product taste. This liquid flavor has a light amber color and is non-GMO, Kosher, gluten free, and vegan friendly. Pistachio flavoring extract for ice cream and baked goods makes a great substitute for vanilla extract, but also works well in conjunction with other flavors to create complex taste profiles for delectable desserts. This concentrated water soluble taste enhancer is easy to use, and makes a great addition to hot or cold beverages like coffee, shakes, smoothies, and nutritional drinks. A shelf life of up to 3 years when stored correctly makes this sweet and nutty flavor extract a great choice for home or commercial use.

Information for E-Cigarette and Non Food & Drink Customers

This item is filled in fluid ounces and not by weight

PLEASE NOTE: This product is intended for culinary uses only: cooking, baking, and other human food applications.

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Product Specifications

Alcohol, Water, Natural Flavors, Orange Extract (Alcohol, Water, and Terpeneless Orange Oil), and Vanilla Extract (Alcohol, Water, and Select Vanilla Beans)
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Baking, Brewing, Cooking
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21 Reviews

  • 1

    Absolute Dissappointment

    Posted by Kate on Apr 5th 2021

    There are no words to properly describe the annoyance, bewilderment, and disappointment in this flavouring. I was trying to brighten up my pistachio macaroons and instead had to start over completely from scratch, they were so unsalvagable. It tastes and smells strongly like the alcohol that was likely used to get the flavour. You’d be much better off using either a different brand or finding another method to get pistachio flavour in your cooking because this is NOT it.

  • 1

    Not pistachio

    Posted by Tony Curcuru on May 17th 2020

    I could not have been more disappointed with this product. Nothing about this is pistachio (at leas the bottle that I received). The ingredients listed are orange, vanilla, and some other things that are definitely not pistachio. I thought it was a mix-up with my bottle, but the ingredients on this website are the exact same. I thought, ok- perhaps these flavors combined create some sort of pistachio flavor so I gave it the benefit of the doubt..... nope, it definitely tastes like orange and not a thing like pistachio. I called and left a message with customer service but never received a call back. This is border-line deceptive and false advertising. Has nothing to do with pistachio!

  • 5

    Pistachio Extract

    Posted by Linda Moore on Apr 30th 2020

    This pistachio extract added just the right amount of flavor to enhance the taste of pistachio pudding cookies I baked. I am new to using pistachio extract and am not disappointed.

  • 3

    Pistachio Extract

    Posted by Geneva on Aug 24th 2018

    I make my own keto ice creams. My boyfriend loves pistachio, so I ordered this extract to use in homemade ice cream. I have to say I was disappointed in the strength of the flavor. I had to use over a tablespoon to get the pistachio flavor I was looking for. It was just too weak otherwise. Maybe it works OK for baking, but it's just mild for ice cream. I also had the same trouble with the Olivenation strawberry & peppermint extracts. I'll keep looking.

  • 5

    Very strong

    Posted by Kds on Dec 21st 2017

    I love all ON extracts and use them daily, but this one I didn't care for- very strong and not like pistachio. I tried it soy shakes. It may be good in other things that I haven't made yet

  • 5

    Great Flavor

    Posted by J Edwards on Apr 7th 2017

    I didn't find anything wrong with this extract. I wanted to make cake frosting so I made a buttercream and used this in place of vanilla. Great flavor.

  • 5

    Awful taste

    Posted by Karen on Dec 28th 2016

    Used this to make pistachio cupcakes and frosting. Awful taste. Had to throw them out.

  • 5


    Posted by Joanne DF on Jul 19th 2016

    Loved using this to make ice cream - just added some finely chopped nuts and green food coloring and I couldn't be happier with the results - THANK YOU!

  • 5

    Don't waste your $$$ if you're trying to flavor coffee.

    Posted by Phil Hawkins on Jul 5th 2016

    Doesn't work well in coffee, there is a taste/flavor, but it sure ISN'T pistachio.

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