Dried Chanterelles: A Mushroom With Fruity Flavor

Chanterelles have been recently discovered by Americans as a culinary delight. Depending on the type of cut and quality, dried chanterelle mushrooms are often used to enhance the presentation of dishes. These golden-colored mushrooms vary from mild and meaty to nutty with a slight cinnamon flavor. They are also noted for their slight apricot scent. Chanterelles are frequently used in pasta dishes and complement fish, chicken and other light meats very well. Chanterelles marry well with white or brown rice. They are also great in soups and risotto. Reconstitute the dried chanterelles by soaking them in white or red wine, soup stock, water, consomm or milk until soft. Top quality chanterelles are grown and harvested in the United States and many are exported. To store dried chanterelles, always keep them in a cool, dry place. Even better the refrigerator or freezer works best for storage.
Chanterelle Mushrooms

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