Does The Mediterranean Diet Really Work?

Does The Mediterranean Diet Really Work?

While it would seem at first that the Mediterranean diet is just the next mainstream diet that doesn't really yield results, the abundance of independent studies and scientific reports that continue to be published on news sites and blogs everywhere seem to say otherwise.

Studies have proven that the Mediterranean diet is able to help prevent heart disease, even though the amount of fat intake by Mediterranean dieters is equal to those of normal eaters. Reports have been published that the Mediterranean diet, which got its name after researchers began noticing that people in Mediterranean countries, like Italy and Greece, usually consume higher amounts of fat and yet have far lower rates of cardiovascular disease than people here in the US, may even be able to help fight stage 2 diabetes.

So what importance does olive oil have in the eating habits of the Mediterranean diet? Olive oil basically replaces butter or margarine (which is so important in most meals here in the United States) as a person's main source of fat. Foods that are usually consumed by people who use this diet are foods that are minimally processed. Foods like fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and trout. Fresh fruit, nuts such as almonds, fresh vegetables. Mediterranean dieters moderately consume wine and dairy products and have a very low consumption of lean red meat.

While olive oil may be a bit more expensive than butter or margarine, it would be very hard to argue with the results and studies of how important olive oil is in regards to one's health.

When choosing an olive oil, it is very important to only select extra virgin olive oil, as only olive oils with an acidity of .8% or lower can advertise on their label that they are extra virgin, making them the finest, tastiest, and healthiest. Also, as much as possible, check the ingredients to make sure that the olives are at least from the same country as the oil. E.g. Made in Greece Olive Oil uses Greek olive oil, Made in Italy olive oil uses Italian olives and so forth. Then, there is some reliability of the quality of the oil.

All of Olive Nation's olive oils are imported directly from Italy, are extra virgin, and extremely affordable when compared to those at the local gourmet food stores. We also authenticate and make sure that the oil is of the highest quality. And with free shipping for any orders over $29, it would make sense to stock up on extra virgin olive oil since it will be the core of your new-found diet.

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