The Importance of a Good Stock Base

For those who like to cook having a good stock base is essential for finishing many dishes. Any dish which requires the addition of a delicious sauce can be made even better by using a good stock base. The making of a good stock base however is just the beginning of the process. Consider the fact that a good veal stock base has the following basic ingredients: veal bones, Roux (a mixture of flour and veal fat), carrots, celery, onions, red wine, beef stock, tomato paste just to name a few of the necessary ingredients. In addition to assembling all these ingredients, it takes hours of slow simmering. After the stock is finished, it must be reduced further before being used. However, More Than Gourmet eliminates all of those steps by providing you with a line of all-natural products suitable for immediate use. Whether you need a mushroom, seafood, chicken, beef or vegetable base for your dish, More Than Gourmet is your answer. So join the many chefs and accomplished cooks who use More Than Gourmet stock bases and see if you don't get rave reviews for all your entrees.
Stock Bases

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