Superior Pastas Make All The Difference

Superior Pastas Make All The Difference

Spending a few dollars more for top quality pasta is well worth it. The difference between superior pastas and mass-produced ones is extraordinary. Once you taste fine regional Italian pastas such as the Sicilian Faraci, Spinosi from Campofilone, Pasta Bartolo, Valentino Felicetti Organic Pasta and Le Veneziane and Andriani Corn Pastas with a good sauce you will be amazed by how much more defined the flavors are.

Why Quality Pasta Demands A Higher Price

Most commercial pastas these days are produced by extruding the dough through various Teflon shaped dies. The process is faster than extruding the dough through bronze dies. However, the finished results are different. Bronze extruded pasta has a coarser outer surface. What is the significance of this difference? The coarser surface allows the sauce to cling to the pasta rather than sliding off as it does with the Teflon produced pasta. Bronze extruded pastas also hold their shape and texture better after cooking.

It is also true that manufacturers of bronze extruded pasta only use the finest durum wheat in the production. The quality of the flour is just as, if not more important, than the process or the equipment used. This is true for purchased pastas or home-made. When making your own pasta, use the best quality grains and flours available. Yes, you will pay more, but the difference is well worth it.