OliveNation's Perfect Cup of Black Tea

Tea Varieties

We offer many different high-quality varieties of Black Tea: see below.

Using loose, premium tea leaves always tastes better than tea bags and a simple strainer, tea ball or sachet will catch the leaves after they steep. If you like to have your tea sweet, there are many types of sugars to choose from as well. Lemon and different milks (rice, soy, almond-we offer Basmati Rice Milk) are popular additions as well. We hope you will enjoy experimenting with different types of tea.   


This is a matter of personal preference*. Many of us enjoy using spring water because it does not contain chlorine or fluoride (like tap water) and will allow the tea flavors to blossom. Use about 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup (about 8 oz. of water). Experiment to find the perfect balance for you.      


To brew tea and bring out all its richness, use boiling water for Black Tea Chai with milk and spices. For all other types of Black Tea, heat the water until it reaches a boil  (212 degrees Fahrenheit) then allow it to cool 200F degrees before brewing your tea.      

Steeping Times

Quality teas can often be steeped 2-3 times. Just add water at the appropriate temperature to your teapot. For Black Tea, the average steeping time is 4 minutes.     

*As with any recipe, personal preference will guide your choice and exact method: we are only presenting some time-tested procedures to get you started.     

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