Nutritional Contents of Corn and Rice Pasta

I looked up the nutritional content written on the packages of the Andriani and Le Veneziane pasta.
All nutritional content information is for a 500gm package of pasta:
  • Andriani Corn Pasta: Protein 7.5 gms, Carb 78.6 gms, Fat 0.7 gms
  • Andriani Rice Pasta: Protein 7.0 gms, Carb 79.6 gms, Fat 0.7 gms
  • Le Veneziane Corn Pasta: Protein 7.59 gms, Carb 77.84 gms, Fat 0.69 gms
Please note that the Italian packaging states the actual weights and not the % per serving size like the US made products.

I was surprised to see how low the fat content is of all these corn and rice pasta. I think I will have more types of corn pasta in the future. I always read the literature and knew that corn pasta and rice pasta were healthier than regular durum wheat pasta. The stats above are hard to ignore. Now, if I could only keep the oil and butter to a minimum when making the pasta sauce
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