How To Make Pulled Pork Even Better

Pulled pork is one of the most sought-after barbecue delights. As is the case with so many dishes, each region noted for its pulled pork swears theirs is the best. Truth is there is no 'best.' So much of it depends on tradition and personal taste. However, we can say that adding our Paradise Luau Pork Rub to your favorite pulled pork recipe will definitely give it a new twist. Mix in some of our Paradise Luau Pork Rub into your pulled pork then let it sit for a few hours and heat before serving. This delicious rub is completely salt-free (of course you can add your own salt if you like).You'll love the new taste it adds to your pulled pork with its hint of seaweed and sweet flavor from molasses. The flavors are well-balanced with a nice kick from the cayenne pepper. Try this new twist on an old favorite.
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