How To Make Frittata With Leftover Pasta

We usually make a Frittata on Fridays with our left-over pasta and whatever else we have in the refrigerator. Its always great and always a surprise. Take your left-over pasta (even if its a couple of different ones - sauce and all), chop it up into fairly tiny pieces. Then chop up whatever other left-overs you have and mix with the pasta. We sometimes have some meatballs, other times some broccoli and spinach, sometimes we have some peas and some left over cold cuts like ham or salami, potatoes, chicken teriyaki,. Really, whatever you want or need to finish. Put it all together and add some beaten eggs. The number of eggs depends on the amount of chopped up food. But I would go on the liberal side and say about 6 eggs for about 500 gms of food. It all needs to be nicely coated and eggy. I don't have an exact measurement. Anyway, heat up some olive oil in a frying pan and pour in the egg and pasta mixture. Cook on low-med heat until the Frittata is 80% cooked on the underside. Then use a plate to cover the frying pan and flip the Frittata so that the other side cooks through as well. That's it. Your Frittata is done. Its a great way to use up your left-overs and its different each time. I sometimes have a slice of the frittata as a sandwich and other times with ketchup. A wedge might show up as a side at dinner. Its a most versatile of dishes.
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