Flavor Fountains by OliveNation FAQs

How do you use Flavor Fountains by OliveNation? For a four-cup ice cream, shake, or frozen dairy recipe, add 1 tablespoon of Flavor Fountain to your other ingredients. 

How do Flavor Fountains work in baked goods? Flavor Fountains were designed for use in beverages and other liquid applications, but they also work well in baked goods. Additionally, the flavorings distribute evenly in batters and icings. Flavor Fountains are water-based, so they don’t evaporate as quickly as extracts. Desserts flavored with Flavor Fountains are very flavorful and fragrant.

In addition to frozen treats, shakes, and baked goods, what are some other ways to use Flavor Fountains? You can use Flavor Fountains to flavor whipped cream, icing, frosting and buttercream. Try them in puddings and fillings, too.

Are there any recipes that you should not use Flavor Fountains? Choose an extract instead of a Flavor Fountain in candy and chocolates recipes because of their liquid concentrations. Though, you can use Flavor Fountains in candy fillings.

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