Exotic Mushroom Descriptions and Uses

Exotic Mushroom Types:

  • Alba Clamshell: The mushroom has a white color with a crunchy texture and a one inch cap. They are excellent with fish and shellfish.
  • Brown Clamshell: Lightly marbled with tan/mocha color and a crunchy texture. The mushrooms have one inch caps and pair beautifully with seafood, grilled veal, goat cheese.
  • Trumpet Royale: Firm and meaty with a porcini-like flavor. The caps can range up to two inches. Saut with butter. It also pairs well with cream, walnuts and balsamic vinegar. It holds its shape and texture well when sliced or minced.
  • Forest Nameko: The forest namekos have glossy caps and rich amber color with a texture is similar to shiitake mushrooms. Add to your sauces and risotto for additional body.
  • Velvet Pioppini: This mushroom has an intense flavor with dark-chocolate colored caps. The caps are silky in texture while the cream colored stems have a texture similar to asparagus. They are excellent in pasta dishes. Combine the mushrooms with grilled red meats, veal and game.
  • Nebrioni Bianco-The nebrioni bianco has an ivory white color and a beautiful bell shape. Dense and meaty but when cooked the texture is similar to tender abalone. Its sweet and rich flavor makes it a perfect companion for shellfish, fish, light meat, fowl and egg dishes.
  • Maitake Frondosa: Rich in flavor and aroma with brown, gray and cream colors makes this mushroom a perfect companion for pasta, green vegetables, cheese, roasted meats and fowl. The maitake frondosa is also known by its other name of Hen-of-the-Woods.