Different Pasta Shapes for Different Sauces

Are you often confused by all of the different pasta shapes that are available? While it may appear as though it doesn't really make sense to have all these different shapes and sizes, in reality it does. Pasta shapes are really defined by the sauces each complements. When choosing a pasta shape it is important to make certain it goes with the sauce. Light sauces are best with shapes such as capellini, known as angel hair pasta and certain types of spaghetti. On the other hand, your Bolognese sauce works best with pasta shapes that can hold the sauce. These shapes include penne rigate, or conchiglie. Your thicker, but not necessarily 'chunky' sauces work best with thicker noodles such as fettuccine or farfalle (bow tie). It is also interesting to note that some pasta shapes were created by local Italian artisans to show off their creativity or to hold it up as superior to other pasta creations in nearby locations.
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