Difference Between Extracts, Flavors, Emulsions and Fountain Flavors

How to Choose Between Extracts, Flavors, Bakery Emulsions, and Fountain Flavors

OliveNation offers an array of food flavoring options to meet a variety of cooking and baking needs. Here’s some handy information for choosing whether to use an extract, flavor, bakery emulsion or fountain flavor:

EXTRACTS and FLAVORS are for cooking and baking applications. Since many of our extracts and flavors contain 45% alcohol by volume, they require sufficient cooking time to evaporate the alcohol. Use an extract or flavor in cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, and other baked goods. You can also use extracts and flavors in homemade chocolates and candies, as well as in beer, wine, and spirits.


BAKERY EMULSIONS are water-based and alcohol-free versions of extracts. Use them the same way you would an extract. They’re also great for flavoring frostings and other no-bake applications. Choose an emulsion if you’re concerned about the flavor baking out of a recipe. Since they’re water-based, bakery emulsions don’t evaporate as quickly as extracts, resulting in stronger aromas and tastes. Bakery Emulsions have the same strength as extracts, so they can be substituted one to one in recipes. Because they’re water-based, bakery emulsions aren’t suitable for flavoring hard candies or chocolates.


FOUNTAIN FLAVORS are designed for flavoring beverages and foods that don’t require baking. Add them directly to smoothies, shakes, and diet drinks without added calories. You can also flavor plain yogurt, homemade ice cream, and frozen treats. Try flavoring whipped cream, puddings, and fillings with Fountain Flavors, as well.