Chocolate Dipped Fruit Is Easy To Make!

For chocolate lovers dipping almost anything into melted chocolate elicits raves. However, many people are reluctant to try it. Why? Many think it is too complicated. The reality is that it really isn't. All it takes is a little care, a candy thermometer, a double boiler and a little bit of attention. You can create a double boiler quite easily by dropping a metal or glass bowl over slowly simmering water. The process used to break the chocolate down is called tempering. Tempering is a term used when melting chocolate and then allowing it to re-form itself at the right temperature. Watching the temperature of the melted chocolate is extremely important. You don't want it to exceed 115 degrees. Remove it from the heat and then gradually add small bits of chocolate, stirring well each time. Don't let the temperature go below 80 degrees. If that happens you want to bring the temperature back up to about 90 degrees. This is the ideal range for dipping. These guidelines are for dark and bittersweet chocolate. Now go ahead and dip your glaceed apricots, California Blenheim dried apricots, Australian crystallized ginger rounds, candied lemon peel and candied orange peel,to take these delicious fruits to another level. Oh yes, hide some for yourself because your guests will wipe you clean!
Apricots Dried

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