Black Trompette Mushrooms: False Truffles

Black Trompette mushrooms have a dark, almost black color and are often used to impersonate truffles. Thus the moniker 'false truffles' is often attached to them. Recently many chefs have discovered these mushrooms with their sweet scent and rich flavor. Quality dried trompettes should resemble flowers and can be as long as three inches. Despite its stem, the black trompettes are fully edible and both stem and cap have the same delicious flavor and texture. When reconstituted, the excellent buttery flavor of this mushroom comes to fore. These mushrooms complement fish entrees very well. They are also a nice addition to soups and casseroles. After reconstituting they can be an interesting ingredient in vegetarian dishes. Saut a few of them and then add to your favorite wild rice dish. As with other dried mushrooms these should be reconstituted in wine, stock or water. After they are softened you can use them in your dish. Soak them in warm, lightly salted or sugared water or water diluted with a complementary wine until soft. Use as desired. To store dried black trompettes, always keep them in a cool, dry place. Even better the refrigerator or freezer works best for storage.
Trompette Mushrooms

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