Types of Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans develop different flavor profiles depending on where they're harvested. This page is an overview of the vanilla bean varieties we carry at OliveNation. Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are harvested from the Bourbon Islands in Madagascar. Think of these classic vanilla beans as all-purpose. Bursting with sweet and creamy flavor, Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans boost the taste of sweet desserts and savory dishes. We especially like the beans for baking because they hold their flavor in the finished baked good. These beans are wonderful in custards, ice creams, and savory sauces.

Extract Grade Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are ideal for making your own vanilla extract. They don't look as appealing as other vanilla beans because they contain less water. But when it comes to making extracts, the less moisture, the better. Extract Grade Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are the ones you want to use for making flavorful vanilla extract. Organic Indonesian Vanilla Beans have smoky, woody flavor. They're great for rich desserts, especially chocolate. They also taste delicious in cookies, fruit pies, and jams. Bonus: these Indonesian vanilla beans are organic.

Mexican Vanilla Beans have sweet and creamy flavor with a hint of spice. These versatile beans work in cooking and baking. Mexican Vanilla Beans go well with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices. They're also delicious with chocolate and chilies. Try Mexican Vanilla Beans in barbecue sauce, salsa, chocolate cake, and ice cream. Tongan Vanilla Beans are harvested from Tonga, which is a group of islands in the South Pacific. These Bourbon-variety vanilla beans grow in rich soil, resulting in a bold-flavored bean. These beans have a delicately complex profile, intense aroma, and sweet taste. Try Tongan Vanilla Beans in rich desserts like custards and ice creams. They're also ideal for flavoring savory or fruity sauces.

Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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