Tomatoes For Cooking(8)

Tomatoes For Cooking

Our Sun Ripened Tomatoes Are Always In Season Our dried tomatoes, convenient for so many uses, were originally plump, red, vine-ripened fresh tomatoes. Domestically grown and harvested in Virginia's Shenandoah valley the tomatoes are always picked at the peak of freshness and then carefully washed and dried using modern methods that concentrate and preserve their natural sweetness and essence. A small amount will bring a gourmet touch and a burst of flavor to a wide variety of recipes'all year long. Used sparingly a little goes a long way! Your Choice: Sulfite-free or with Sulfites The decision of which to choose is entirely up to you. We offer both styles. The sulfite treated tomatoes maintain a bright red color. Sulfite free ones tend to darken over time due to the lack of sulfite treatment. In either case, dried tomatoes are delicious and are great to keep on hand for spur of the moment recipes using tomatoes. Eaten right out of the bag dried tomatoes provides a healthy snack. (Kids love them, too!) Plain dried ones, especially the sulfite-free ones should be reconstituted in extra virgin olive oil, beef or chicken stock, wine or water for our recipes. However for soups and sauces requiring longer cooking times, the tomatoes can be added directly to your recipe. Sulfite-Free, Lycopene-Rich Goodness Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, is abundant in all tomatoes, including dried tomatoes. Studies have shown lycopene's benefits include lowering certain cancer risks and contributing to good heart health.
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