Everything Related to Vanilla Paste

Everything Related to Vanilla Paste The vast majority of people have heard of vanilla extract or pure vanilla beans, but less have heard of vanilla paste. This is a shame, as it is the perfect addition to any kitchen and will provide a real boost to the way that you cook with this fine flavor. What's more, it's also just as cheap or cheaper - to use vanilla paste as any other vanilla products, so you won't be out of pocket either! The vanilla paste that we sell here at Olive Nation is produced by Silver Cloud, who is one of the world's most respected producers of a whole variety of vanilla products, as well as other gourmet foodstuffs. Their vanilla paste is well-known to provide a deeply rich and highly concentrated taste of vanilla, without the need to spend ages preparing the vanilla beans before adding the flavor to a dish. In fact, using vanilla paste is as simple as dipping the spoon in the jar and then placing it into the mixture. You might be concerned that vanilla paste doesn't sound like the most natural of products, but in this assumption you would be incorrect. The vanilla paste sold at Olive Nation is, in fact, 100% natural, only containing vanilla extract and seeds, plus a natural thickener called Gum Tragacanth, as well as water and sugar. There are no chemicals and no preservatives or additives, so you can be confident that you are only eating food that nature herself created. You can also be confident that you are getting the finest vanilla taste possible, which could be even more important. So what is the difference between using vanilla paste and vanilla extract, I hear you cry. Well, vanilla paste can ensure that you also get that classic look at vanilla in your food, with the hundreds of tiny black seeds that are synonymous with this delightful foodstuff. Seeds are added to the vanilla paste when it's produced and when it is used you won't be able to tell whether vanilla beans or vanilla paste has been added! This would not be possible with vanilla extract, although extract will provide a stronger taste. So what exact applications does vanilla paste have? Well, there are a number of different recipes that it can be used in, such as homemade ice cream, custard, icing, cakes and even crme Brule. In fact, vanilla paste can be used in anything that regular vanilla can, but at a fraction of the cost! Just think you can make authentic vanilla flavored products without the need to spend huge amounts of dollars in the process. As always, we like to ensure that we are providing the best value possible to all of our customers, which is why when you order more than one of this product, we will apply a 5% discount. If you order more than five, then the discount rises to 7%. We also offer a variety of different postage methods, meaning that you can get your vanilla paste as quickly as you need it.