Debunking Pasta Myths II

We previously reviewed some pasta myths. Here are a few more. It is often heard that, It is a good idea to rinse pasta after cooking. Wrong! First of all, you will make the pasta cold. Secondly and most important is that you will rinse away the valuable starches that are responsible for making the sauce adhere to the pasta. Another myth to be dispelled is that you should add a lot of sauce to your pasta. Again, this is another myth. Italians will tell you that you should not overwhelm the pasta by submerging it in a huge amount of sauce. Gently toss the pasta with your sauce. Add a little more if you feel it is not sufficient, but whatever you do don't add so much that you destroy the delicate pasta flavor. The rule of thumb is; pasta with sauce, not sauce with pasta.
Le Veneziane Corn Pasta

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